Graco Ready2grow LX Double Stroller Review


Graco ready2grow click connect double stroller has a high rating owing to its special qualities and design. It is specifically designed for parents with twins or 2 kids ranging from infant to youth. It offers 12 different riding options for two children. Graco ready2grow accepts up to two Graco Snugride click connect infant car seats for complete versatility.

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We took a deep look into the basic features of Graco ready2grow click connect double strollers such as maneuverability, ease of use, safety, comfort, durability, and affordability. Let’s consider each feature of Graco ready2grow stroller because it will help you make an informed buying decision.

Before then we know it will gladden your heart to read testimonies from parents like you who have used this stroller over time. According to Amazon, which is the official retailer of Graco ready2grow click connect double stroller there are over 300 Graco ready2grow reviews from users.

Gracoready2grow Click Connect Double Stroller – Unedited Testimonies

The easiest way to get the right and a best double stroller is by reading user testimonies. There are over 300 unedited testimonies of GracoReady2grow click connect on online. it is very clear that not all users are happy with their purchase. While some are more than happy for buying this double stroller. Though the rating shows that the majority are happy. Therefore, the tendency that you will enjoy this stroller is high.

Graco ready2grow click connect double stroller – Features


Front wheels lock guarantees maneuverability with high precision

Safety of both babies and parents are paramount when considering buying a stroller. Therefore, we paid much attention to the safety design of Graco ready2grow click connect double stroller. Our overall rating of the safe use of this stroller is high because it has an efficient brake system. The brake system is easily accessible because it is a toe-tap brake system. Throughout the ride, 3- and 5-point safety harnesses keep your children safe and secure.


Graco ready2grow double stroller is the most versatile stroller ever designed. It has 12 different riding options for babies ranging from infant to youths. Babies enjoy multi-purpose reclining seat position for their maximum relaxation. The stroller is designed with a large storage facility for parents and babies. You can comfortably store diaper bags, snacks and small toys for your babies.

In addition, it comes with an adjustable padded handle for easy push and control by parents. The canopy is so large such that it protects babies from sun rays.

Ease of Use

This particular brand of Graco has a very high score of ease of use. You can assemble Graco ready2grow click connect double stroller within 20 minutes of taking delivery. It comes with a comprehensive instruction manual, which can help you assemble it easily.


Parents enjoy the ease at which they can use Graco ready2grow in all terrain. You can maneuver in sandy, mud, rough surfaces with little effort. Though it has a good feature of maneuverability but it is of low score owing to its weight and size

Graco ready2grow click connect double stroller – Warning

You are strongly advised to follow this warning because it will save you and the life of the baby. The warnings are:

  • Never leave babies unattended. Always keep babies in view while in a stroller.
  • Ensure that your babies are safe with the use of seat belt. After fastening buckles, adjust the belt to get Snug fit around the babies.
  • You must be careful with your hand and finger when folding to avoid finger entrapment. After folding ensure that Graco ready2grow click connect double stroller is fully erected and latched before allowing your child near the stroller.
  • You must avoid the use of string on the stroller to avoid strangulation
  • Never use a stroller on a staircase or escalator
  • Graco ready2grow stroller is specifically designed for speedy walk therefore never use it for jogging or skating
  • Avoid overloading the stroller with weights higher than the recommended size by the manufacturer. Therefore, take time to study the size and weight manual before using.

Graco ready2grow click connect double stroller – Where to Buy?

We strongly recommend you buy this stroller from Amazon because it comes with A-Z guarantee. This means that you are sure of getting the best. In case of any complain you will get the full attention of customer care dedicated to customers around the USA.

In addition, it comes with free shipping policy, therefore, no any hidden charges after paying the official price found on Amazon.

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Graco ready2grow click connect double stroller – Final Words

Overall, Graco ready2grow stroller is for you with family growing needs. It has a high score of basic features of a good stroller such as maneuverability, safety, comfort, ease of use, durable and affordable.

Unedited testimonies of over 300 parents show that it worth every dime it takes to buy it. The canopy is large enough to protect babies from the sun. In addition, the large storage facilities such as parent tray and basket help parent move around with essentials such as diaper bag, purse, and groceries. Though, there are some complains here and there but on overall it serves its purpose.

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