Graco Modes 3 Lite Travel System Review

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Our research shows that most parents that went for Graco Mode 3 Lite travel weren’t disappointed, which is the reason for this comprehensive review.

Complains: There are general complain that the wheels make a lot of noise after a few months of using. Findings show that most parents don’t follow the wheel maintenance instructions, which is why it fails within a short period

Summary: As for us, Graco met our maximum expectation in designing Graco Modes 3 lite stroller. Most moms are happy that they made the decision of buying Graco Modes 3 lite because it really worth every dime they spent. It includes the SnugRide Click Connect 35 Infant Car Seat. Modes 3 lite are versatile and user-friendly, and I love that you can use it for your growing child. It transitions nicely from infant stroller to toddler stroller, and it can be used in many different configurations.

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Our duty is to genuinely provide an honest and unbiased review of Graco jogging strollers to parents who want the best. Therefore, below is a comprehensive Graco modes 3 lite stroller review designed to help parents make an informed buying decision.

A jogging stroller is one of the essentials every parent must have. It is wise to make a good research on the model of Graco to buy because it will help you buy the best.

Above is the summary of Graco mode 3 lite travel system stroller. Therefore, below is an extensive review for those that will wish to know every detail.

This review is to give you complete knowledge on what to look out for in any model or brand of jogging stroller you wish to buy.

Graco Modes 3 lite Travel System Review

There are 5 basic things you must look out for in every stroller you are considering buying, Graco mode 3 lite travel system inclusive. The features are safety, comfort, ease of use, durability, and maneuverability. Price is not inclusive because that depends on what you can afford.

So let’s go deep in understanding these features as it relates to Graco Modes 3 lite travel system.


Safety is the first thing to consider because your life and that of your baby largely depends on how safe a stroller is when in use. So, the question is, what safety factors should you look out for? You should first determine how effective the brake system is. A stroller with an effective brake system must have all wheels brake. Both the front wheels and the rear wheels must be connected to a central brake system.

In addition, you should consider how accessible the brake control. Perfect brake control is usually placed at the rear such that you can put it to work with just a toe tap.

Another factor you should consider is the padding structure. Make sure that the essential areas are well padded so as to avoid baby coming in contact with a sharp metal object. Graco Modes 3 lite travel system has an excellent safety system, which is why it has a very high score of safety measures. Above all, consider the number of harness point on the stroller


When considering the comfort feature of a stroller, you should pay attention to the comfort of the baby and that of yours. The baby’s comfort entails having a large canopy, full tire suspension, number of reclining of the seat and storage facilities.

A large canopy is designed to protect the baby from coming in contact with sun rays. In addition, the fabric of the canopy should be of high quality because it will help in quick cleaning and maintenance.

The tires must have full suspension. The tires suspension will help the baby remain calm and relaxed even when riding on a rough or bumpy surface. It serves as a shock absorber while the baby enjoys.

Quality jogging stroller must have a various number of reclining positions for maximum relaxation of babies. At least it must have 5 position seat recline. Lastly, the baby storage facilities should be large enough to contain diaper bags, toys and many more.

Parents comfort:

You must consider how adjustable and padded the handlebar of a stroller is because it will help you when pushing. Well-padded and height adjustable handle will enable anybody to use it irrespective of his or her height.

In addition, you must consider the availability of cup and mobile phone holder. The smartphone holder should be deep enough to hold the phone safely. Also, the cup holder should be deep enough to hold cups with stress. You should also look out for parent’s tray and storage facility that can hold groceries and many more.  Graco Modes lite 3 stroller has a good score of the comfort feature of a stroller

Ease of Use:

The first time I bought my Graco jogging stroller it took me over 4 days to assemble it well. So, ease of use is a factor to consider when buying a stroller. The question to ask is, does it have a comprehensive assembling manual? Yes, Graco Modes 3 lite stroller has an assembling manual but not a comprehensive one, which is why it has a low score of ease of use.


The maneuverability of a stroller is the ability to use it in all terrain, be it sandy, mud, bump and many more. In addition, stroller with high maneuverability can be used in malls and parks. Graco modes 3 lite travel system stroller has a high score of maneuverability owing to its lightweight and sturdy framework. In addition, it has 3- wheel maneuverability with locking front wheel swivel.

Graco Modes 3 lite Travel System – Final Words

Overall, Graco Modes 3 lite travel system has a positive and high rating of the essential features of a stroller. It is designed for a family with growing needs. As earlier stated, Graco has considered the pricing, which is why it is presently sold at a discount price today. It is durable and affordable. The safety and comfort feature of this model of Graco is exceptional because it works in all terrain.

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