Chicco Bravo Le Trio Travel System Review

Chicco bravo Le trio travel system stroller is a revolutionary design by Chicco because it is a convertible stroller. You can use it in all the stages of your baby’s growth ranging from infancy using it as a Key Fit infant car seat carries, as a travel system and a toddler stroller for everyday life.

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We examine Chicco bravo Le trio travel system stroller on various features such as maneuverability, comfort, ease of use, safety, durability, and affordability. Our research shows that it has exceptional features, which is why it has users’ rating of 4.7 out 5.

Before we go in details revealing to you more about the exceptional features of Chicco bravo Le trio travel system stroller, read unedited testimonies of some users below: All Chicco bravo Le trio travel system stroller unedited testimonies found below parents that have bought and tested this stroller.

Over 30 parents have used Chicco Le trio travel system and they are very happy with it. They rated it 4.5 out 5 stars. The high rating is a clear indication that you will equally enjoy the stroller. 88% of the users rated it 5 stars. To some parents, it is the best travel system stroller. To some, it is phenomenal while some have reasons to complain.

Chicco bravo Le trio travel system- Exceptional Features


Everything about Chicco bravo Le trio travel system is about comfort. At the infant stage, the stroller has a removable canopy and Bravo LE seat thereby leaving you with a lightweight car seat carrier. This is more useful when the baby is always in the KeyFit. The stroller and canopy are made of premium fabric, which makes cleaning very easy.

It has a well-designed parent tray that serves as smartphone holder and cup holders. This brand of Chicco has zipper storage facilities that ensure that your belongings are safe. In addition, it has a child tray that has storage space and two cup holders. The seat is well-padded, and also has a padded adjustable handle for an easy push and one push harness.

Ease of Use

The ease of use of Chicco bravo Le trio travel system entails how fast you can assemble and disassemble. In addition, the ease to fold and unfold, the ease of cleaning the stroller, the ease of push and adjusting the handle, the ease of accessing the storage and many more are what we considered in the ease of use.

Using a comprehensive instructional manual, it will only take you 10 minute to assemble it and put it to use. You don’t need to be a mechanical engineer or have any technical knowledge to assemble this stroller. It has a one-hand fold handle that activates the fold and simultaneously rotates the front wheels inward to keep the stroller standing.


This brand of Chicco stroller has a high score of maneuverability. It is narrow and made of light aluminum metal thereby making it highly maneuverable. You can easily use this stroller in parks, malls, sandy, and mud, rough and bumpy surfaces. You can easily push and steer this stroller with ease owing to its flexibility.


This is the only stroller that met and exceeds code of federal safety regulations. It has all tires suspension, which helps keep the stroller free from vibration. The suspension will help your baby stay calm and safe from shock when using on bad or bumpy roads. Also, Chicco bravo Le trio travel system is well-padded therefore no room for metal to human contact. It has an expandable canopy that prevents the baby from coming in contact with sun ray.


Chicco designed Chicco bravo Le trio travel system with premium materials, therefore, it must last. The metal frame and the high fabric is used to help the stroller stand test of time. Above all, the durability of all strollers largely depends on you. If you apply maximum care then it will really serve you for a very long time.


Compared to the features and quality of this brand of Chicco stroller it will be said that it is affordable. With less than $500 you will get this stroller that will serve you from the infant stage to toddler. Yes, you don’t need to buy any stroller again after using Chicco bravo Le trio travel system because it is a versatile stroller. It comes with bonus cushion that provides extra padding with reversible mesh / cozy knit for all-weather comfort.

Chicco bravo Le trio travel system – Where to Buy

Though there are other retailers of this wonderful stroller online but the best place you should buy it is on Amazon. Because Amazon has A to Z guarantee, which means you will have full value for your money. In some cases, there may be some factory errors because it is inevitable. In such case, Amazon can quickly help you rectify the problem with the Chicco. Amazon has one of the best customer support in the world of online business.


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Final Word

Overall, Chicco bravo Le trio travel system has proven to be a stroller with high quality. unedited testimonies found on online reveal that it really worth it. It is a stroller for a home with growing needs. It has exceptional features that cannot be found in other strollers. In addition, it has other features such as:

  • ReclineSure leveling
  • RideRight guides
  • SuperCinch tightener
  • One-pull harness
  • Quick-remove pad
  • All-weather boot
  • Reversible insert
  • Zip-off canopy

Therefore, I strongly believe you found this review helpful to make an informed buying decision.

Happy Parenting.

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