Trunk Mounted Bike Rack – The Best You Can Get Today

Looking for a reliable trunk mounted bike rack that can fit your car, and can be easily installed?

After analyzing dozens of trunk mounted bike racks found online, we found out that there is 5 top trunk mounted bike racks that the majority of bikers always go for. Our investigation reveals that bikers go for these bike racks because they are safe, versatile, ease of use, and durable than others.

Among the top 5, Hollywood Racks Over-The-Top Trunk Mounted Bike Rack is the most acceptable. As at the time of making our research, over 130 customers reviewed this rack online, and it has a very high rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars.

Also, it is Amazon’s choice, which entails that it is highly rated, well priced and available to ship instantly.

It is a very versatile bike rack because it works perfectly for kids bikes, ladies frame bike and mountain bike. Also, it is designed for SUVs, Hatchbacks, and cars with spoilers.

Other Trunk mounted bike racks that are highly rated are:

Hollywood Racks Over-Top Bike Rack

This bike rack comes fully pre-assembled, which makes it very easy to use. It features high rise adjustable frame designed for SUVs, minivans, hatchbacks, and cars with spoilers. And you can fold it flat for easy carriage or storage

Hollywood racks over-top fit most cars because it has 3 different types of attachment straps. Hardly will it not fit any car, so, you have the option of using any of the straps that fit your car.

It is built with anti-sway bike cradles technology and EPDM rubber strap that ensures you can carry up to 3 bikes firmly on your car.

This bike rack can carry bikes with a combined weight of 105 pounds, which shows that it is firmly designed to last long.

Using a car with bars on top is never a barrier because the upper attachment strap can easily attach to the load bar by swapping the standard hooks with the included strap.


  • Designed for complete spoiler solution
  • Fit most SUVs, Minivans, and cars
  • Anti-sway cradle that keeps bikes separated and rigid
  • Has a quick release adjustment hub
  • Comes with advanced security measure of tie-down strap
  • Comes fully pre-assembled
  • Can carry up to 3 bikes with ease
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty


  • Mountain bikes require top tube adapter to fit in the rack
  • The user manual is not well structured to educate a new user

Unedited Testimonies

As at the time of writing this Hollywood racks over –top- trunk mounted bike rack review; there were over 130 customer reviews online. 75% of the customers were completely happy with this bike rack, and that is why they rated it 5 out of 5 stars.

A testimony from one of the customers’ by name Erin Kang reads “This bike rack has saved us a lot of money during vacation because we focus on physical exercise with our bike other than spending on entertainment. I have been using it on my Subaru Forester 2015 model for the last 4 years and have no reason to complain.

I pack 3 bikes (2 adults, 1 Child) on it with absolutely no problem. No noise and always easy to set up. It really worth every penny I spent in acquiring it”.

Allen Sport Premier Trunk Mounted Bike Rack

Allen Sport premier trunk bike rack is very affordable with a high score of ease of use, safety, and durability. It comes fully assembled and has a patented design that makes it the fastest bike rack you can assemble on the market today.

Also, it will take you just a few seconds to fold it flat in case you want to store it when not in use. It is durable because it uses ultraviolet resistant rubber cradle straps that quickly secure your bike firmly.

You should not be disturbed about the safety of the body of your car when using this bike rack because it uses wide profile feet, which serves as a protector. The feet use hard black plastic to engage the rack and soft gray material to protect the car’s finish.

Allen sport trunk mounted bike rack is highly versatile because it has a narrow set arm fit board that accept all design of bicycles you can think of.  Also, you can use it on all models of cars as long as you can adjust the length of the straps.


  • Well made and strongly designed: The manufacturer avoids the use of hollow or tubing metals frames, thereby making it very strong and reliable
  • Easy to install: with a comprehensive and well-structured user manual, it will take just a few minutes of your time to understand how to fit it on your car
  • Quick-lock rubber holds bicycle tight and fixed
  • Locks in well and doesn’t rock about
  • You can use it on multiple cars
  • Comes well assembled


  • You have to seal the clips that stabilize the rig with a form or tape because it is a bare-metal that can scratch your car.
  • After a long trip of between 100 and 150 miles, you need to tighten the nylon strap because it does loosen some times
  • If not well mounted it covers the plate number, which may land you in a police problem

Unedited Testimonies

There were 763 customer reviews online when we were writing this Allen sports premier bike rack review.  And it is highly rated as a 4.0 out of 5-star bike rack by the user.

60% of the customers gave it all by rating it 5 out of 5 stars owing to its effectiveness in all ramifications.  Though there are some complaints from a few customers, on overall it worth the money they spent on buying it.

Miss Tony Race a verified purchaser said “nearly I would have passed this rack due to the price. Yes, I never taught of getting quality performance from a bike rack that is low priced like this. But that is not the case.

This trunk mounted bike rack is well made, easy to install, and easy to fold flat. It took me no time to install in on my 2006 model of Nissan Altima. Carrying 3 bikes, we traveled up to 2000 miles with no complaint.

After about 50 miles I had to pull over to tighten the straps because it was making noise. But I later realized that the fault was from me, I did not follow the exact step on how to mount a bike of the rack.

Therefore, if you follow on the user manuals then you will never have any issue with this bike rack”.

Thule 9001 Raceway Trunk Mounted Bike Rack

Thule 9001 raceway trunk mounted bike rack is revolutionary and up to date design for effectively traveling or carrying your bike around. The patented FitDial technology allows easy and fast use with various models of cars.

It is designed such that you can easily mount it by simply lifting the release lever and open the frame position to the desired size and locking it with a push of the release lever.

It comes with molded rubber pads that provide firm hold to your vehicle, and the same time preventing the body of the car from scratching.

Thule 9001 uses tight high strength cable attachment and this makes it hold tight than any other rack that uses a strap.

The cables are structured to extend from the core of the rack, two at the top and two at the bottom. The cables are operated through the levers. So, you can pull out the length of the cable you need base on the vehicle configuration.

This is why you can use Thule 9001 on any vehicle without any restriction. This bike rack can hold 2 bicycles firmly to the bike arm via a combination of narrow cradle arms with bike cradle pads and straps.

The two-way locking security of this rack is the reason it made our list of the best bike rack. First, your bike is always secured because of the integrated cable lock that extends from the bike arm around the frame cradle.

The carrier itself is also protected by the inclusion of locks and keys for securing the Sure-Tight ratcheting cables in place, which locks the entire bike carrier to the vehicle trunk or hatchback.


  • Uses sure tight-high strength cable, which performs more than strap
  • Very easy to attach and remove due to the lever technology
  • Folds so flat easily for carriage or when not in use
  • A ratchet mechanism is wonderful because it ensures a secure fit of the rack
  • The two-way security remove the job of mounting and dismounting when you park your car
  • Has an anti-sway mechanism that prevents the bikes from coming contact after mounting


  • It is a heavy
  • Pricey

Unedited Testimonies

With about 180 customer reviews and high rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars, it is obvious that you can’t go wrong with this bike rack. In the exact words of one of the customers’ “This is a perfect bike rack, but does not fit all cars as claimed by the manufacturer.

I used it on my 2009 Subaru Legacy it did not work. Even though it was included as one of the cars it will fit in the fitguide. I tried all I could it didn’t work. So, I had to change to my second car, and it worked perfectly on it.

It is a very heavy bike rack that you must need help to get it fixed, but after then you will enjoy everything about it”.

Saris Bones 801 – 3 Bike Trunk Mounted Bike Rack

The arc design of Saris bones 803 makes it fit almost all models of cars. Even spoiler in a car does not anyway affect the performance of this trunk mounted bike rack.

It is built to last that is why it is constructed with a heavy-duty, 100% recyclable plastic, which makes it one of the strongest bike racks on the market today.

With rubberized feet, your vehicle is protected from scratching while coated straps protect your bike. Weighing 11 pounds makes it a lightweight bike rack you can buy today, and it is constructed with a rust-resistant material.

To stabilize your bikes during traveling, it uses the ratcheting and anti-sway straps to secure and stabilize their positions.


  • Constructed with 100% recyclable, and anti-rust material
  • Lightweight
  • Ratcheting anti-sway straps for a secure hold
  • Arc based design separate the bicycles from colliding and makes it fit virtually all cars
  • Very easy to set up
  • Lifetime warranty


  • It has just a few security features
  • Does not fit well with mountain bike
  • Clips break easily

Unedited Testimonies

There were 478 customer reviews online when we were writing this best trunk mounted bike rack review. 56% of this number were so happy with their purchase and that was why they rated it 5 out of 5 stars.

That does not mean there were no complains. In fact, 9% of the customers were totally disappointed with this bike rack. But Research shows that most of their complaints could be avoided had they followed the instructions on the user manual.

Therefore, endeavor to study and understand everything about this rack before mounting it on your car.

 Allen Sports Deluxe 4- Bike Trunk Mount Rack


Allen sports deluxe bike rack does not need much introduction because it is built with the high standard Allen sports is known for.

You can confidently carry up to 4 bikes with this bike rack on your car. It fits to most minivans, SUVs, sedans, and hatchback.

It is very simple to install and comes fully assembled. The side straps ensure lateral stability on your vehicle.  And extra wide bottom foot delivers exceptional stability.

Best Trunk Mounted Bike Rack – Wrap Up

Obviously, before you are the best trunk mounted bike racks that have been tested an approved by other bike owners. High ratings and many positive reviews are a clear sign that you are really going for the best.

They are affordable and durable, which entails you will get the value for your money by going for any of the racks listed above

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