Best Stethoscope for EMT [2020] – Top Brands Reviewed

To perform well as an emergency medical technician you need the right tools at any given time. And stethoscope is one of the major tools you need. Therefore, searching for the best stethoscope for EMT is a clear indication that you mean the best for your patients and you.

After considering some vital factors such diagnostic versatility, comfort, weight, sound quality, ductility, and customer reviews, we realized that there are 5 stethoscopes we can classify as the best stethoscopes for EMT on the market today.

From our observation, the overall best stethoscope for EMT is 3M Littmann Classic III Monitoring Stethoscope; it is coming from one of the best brands in the world.

best stethoscope for EMT

It is highly advanced in performance and that is why thousands of emergency medical technicians go for it.

In fact, 3M Littman Classic III stethoscope is an Amazon’s choice, which means it is highly recommended, highly rated and well priced.

Its sound detecting ability makes this stethoscope exceptional because you can detect both normal and abnormal sound and rhythms easily.

With over 6000 customer reviews online and averagely rated as 4.7 out of 5 stars, it is glaring why this stethoscope tops the chart of best stethoscope for EMT.

Other Stethoscopes that made our list of the best are:

With this list, it is obvious that anyone you go for will surely help you perform your duties effectively and an emergency medical technician

Best Stethoscope for EMT – Details

1. 3M Littman Classic III Monitoring Stethoscope

best stethoscope for EMT

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This is an improved version of 3M Littmann classic II, which means that the features are superb and best for medical emergency situations. For instance, the acoustic sensitivity of this stethoscope is very high and that makes it suitable for general physical assessments.

It is an ideal stethoscope for clinicians that monitors and assess both adult and children. Therefore, it is a versatile instrument for emergency medical cases.

It features tunable diaphragms on both the adult and children sides of the chest piece. Also, it comes with a new – single-piece diaphragm that can easily be cleaned and attached owing to a smooth surface without crevices.

Still on the versatility of this best stethoscope for EMT, by replacing the single-piece diaphragm with a non-chill rim, the children side of the chest piece converts to a traditional open bell.

3M Littmann Classic III is built to last or it is a durable stethoscope because the skin oil and alcohol has little or no effect on the tubing material.

The safety of your patients, environment and you is paramount, that is why the tubing material is totally free from natural rubber latex or phthalate plasticizers.

The reliability of this stethoscope is not in doubt, which is why it comes with a five –year warranty.

With the Littmann education App which comes with the purchase of this stethoscope, you will enjoy exclusive training contents on your mobile device. In other words, you will learn how to improve on your auscultation skills and the effective ways of using the stethoscope.

Obviously, wearing a Littmann stethoscope is a clear sign of your readiness to always help your patient to the fullest.

Ratings and Challenges

Research shows that over 6000 medical personnel said yes to this improved version of Littmann stethoscope. That is why it is highly rated as a 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Rating of this stethoscope by feature shows that sound quality, lightweight and value for money are rated 4.6 out of 5 stars.

In fact, 87% of the total number of customers that reviewed 3M Littmann classic III monitoring stethoscope rated it 5 out of 5 stars.

With all this high and positive ratings, you can’t go wrong as an emergency medical technician by using this as the best stethoscope for EMT.

2.  MDF Rose Gold MD stethoscope

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MDF Rose Gold MD stethoscope is designed to perform. In fact, this is where fancy meets performance. It is very powerful when it comes to picking of sounds; it delivers crisp clear acoustics for heart, lung, and bowel sounds.

MDF Rose Gold is a very safe stethoscope you can use because the white PVC tubing material is free from latex. Also, it has a very high score of comfort measures that is why the ear tip is made of a super-soft silicone seal.

A lot of users count on this stethoscope owing to its stainless steel construction, anatomically angled headset, and ultra-sensitive diaphragm.

MDF Rose Gold MD stethoscope is built with a dual-head chest piece and that allows users to detect different sounds from different part of the body.

It is equipped to pick sounds in different frequencies. The wider diaphragm is designed for focusing on listening to high frequencies such as valve and closures. While the low-frequency sounds can easily be picked and heard with the bell.

In other words, this stethoscope has a very high score of diagnostic versatility and performance. Weighing just 7 ounces making it one of the world lightest stethoscopes.

Ratings, Testimonies, And Challenges

As at the time of writing this best stethoscope for EMT reviews, an online report reveals that DMF Rose gold MD stethoscope has average customer review or rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars by 849 customers. In fact, 77% of the customers gave it all by rating it 5 out of 5 stars.

Rating by features shows that presentation has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. While sound quality and value for money are rated as 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Unedited testimony from a verified customer found online shows that MDF Rose stethoscope really worth classified as one of the best stethoscopes for EMTs. In his exact words “I am very happy with my purchase. It gives me the sound output that I love. In fact, I would have scored it 100% if not for how fast it changes color. It could be I did not follow the cleaning instructions.

I am much concerned with the clinical result, not appearance, and that is why I still enjoy it till today. It worth my hard-earned money”.

3.  3M Littmann 2141 Master Classic II Stethoscope

best stethoscope for EMT

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This is an award-winning stethoscope for EMTs. As usual, it is coming from a brand that no one can let down when it comes to manufacturing of quality stethoscopes. The excellent acoustic sensitivity makes it a very high performing stethoscope for EMTs.

The simple pressure change technology support the tunable diaphragm to capture low and high frequency sounds easily

The headset is anatomically designed and positioned to meet the path of the ear canal for maximum response.

3M Littmann 2142 Master Classic is made with material that is free from latex. Therefore, technicians and patients that are allergy to sensitivity have no problem using this best stethoscope for EMT.

As with every Littmann stethoscope, your ability to learn how to improve your auscultation skill is at your fingertip. With the 3M Littmann institute app, you can practice and improve on the use of the stethoscope on the go.

In fact, you can advance your diagnostic skills using the patient scenarios by listening to real heart and lung sounds to recognize different conditions. Without any doubt, this 3M Littmann App is a good companion for serious EMTs.

It features dual tunable diaphragms and an updated design that is easier to clean and maintain.

Ratings, Testimonies, and Challenges

80% of 1032 customer reviews found online gave it a rating of 5 out of 5 stars. In other words, they have no reason to complain about this best stethoscope for EMT.

Averagely it is highly rated as 4.4 out of 5 stars. Rating by feature shows that value for money is 4.6 out of 5 stars. While lightweight and sound quality are rated as 4.5 out of 5 stars.

The high rating is a clear sign of customer satisfaction with this stethoscope for EMTs.

Online unedited testimonies show that most customers are willing to recommend this stethoscope to any emergency medical technician searching for a reliable stethoscope to buy.

According to one of the verified buyers, “3M Littmann 2141 has been a very reliable companion for the last couple of years. I am working with the 911 service and this stethoscope has helped save hundreds of life because it picks the slightest sound you can’t even imagine.

The only issue I have is that the rubber for the tubing gets linty really easily. Not a deal-breaker at all. The earpieces are great; they isolate the sounds decently and do not hurt my ears”.

4.  Omron Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope

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The Omron Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope is an excellent option if you are looking for versatility and affordability.

In terms of versatility, this stethoscope features three different size open bells. It also comes with two different pairs of ear tips and two different size diaphragms. This product is, therefore, a multifunctional 5-in-1 diagnostic tool.

You may also love the fact that the tubing in this tool is free of latex. Latex is a material that sparks up allergies in some patients. The manufacturer also offers this product in different chest piece colors.

Ratings, Testimonies, and Challenges

With 1500 customer reviews and averagely rated as 4.1 out of 5 stars instrument, there is every reason to classify this stethoscope as the best stethoscope for EMT. It is an Amazon’ choice, which means, it is highly rated, well priced and readily available for instant shipping.

Rating by features shows that value for money is 4.2 out of 5 stars. The sound quality is 4.1 out of 5 stars and the weight score is 3.7 out of 5 stars.

One of the unbiased testimonies from an EMT reads “After comparing this with other stethoscopes that are 5 times more expensive, I begin to wonder why spending money on the expensive stethoscopes.

I got the desired sounds from every part of the body. In fact, this is amazing at the price it goes for,

My big challenge with this stethoscope is that it is a very heavy stethoscope and the ear tips are terribly designed. it is not a durable stethoscope. But if you are on a tight budget you can make do with it Overall, I will always work with it”

5. ADC Adscope 615 Platinum Clinician Stethoscope

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The innovative structure of this stethoscope enables the integration of adjustable frequency design that provides the acoustic response of a traditional bell and diaphragm in a one-side chest piece.

The size, design, and finishing of the chest piece coupled with the material used in making it, which is a lightweight zinc alloy plated with satin finish enhance the acoustic and ergonomics performance of ADC Adscope 615 platinum stethoscope.

The comfort design of this stethoscope cannot be overemphasized. It comes with ear tips made of adsoft plus silicone. And headset made of flexible tubing and stainless binaural.

This best stethoscope for EMT comes with an additional pair of adsoft plus ear tips and complimentary scope ID tag.

ADC Adscope is a very durable stethoscope because it is made of premium material. It has a double-leaf tensioning spring and the headset is made reinforcing yoke molded PVC tubing.

The lifetime warranty feature that comes with this stethoscope is a strong sign that you are investing in reliability and durability.

Ratings, Testimonies, and Challenges

At the time of writing this stethoscope for EMT review, ADC adscope has 796 customer reviews online. It has an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Rating by feature shows that value for money and sturdiness has a score of 4.7 out of 5 stars. The sound quality is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars.

In fact, 69% of the customers are highly satisfied with the performance of this stethoscope. In view of that, they gave it all by rating it 5 out of 5 stars.

According to unedited testimony for Charles Lin “When I got tired of a dual head stethoscope that I was using I decided to get a single head stethoscope. After detailed research, I went to ADC Adscope and it was the best decision.

Clinically, it is one of the best out there. The sound is superb. In fact, the performance is amazing.

My biggest challenge is that the ear tips get bad so often. So, I usually request for one in advance. That is the benefit of the lifetime warranty it comes with.

Best Stethoscope For EMT – Buyers Guide

Getting the value for your money on any product entails having the right knowledge on what to look out for in making a final buying decision. Therefore, we have compiled 6 things you should always look for in a stethoscope.

We made our selection of best stethoscope for EMT based on these factors. The factors are:

  • Customer reviews
  • Weight
  • Comfort
  • Ductility
  • Sound quality
  • Diagnostic versatility

Let’s consider each factor in detail.

Customer Reviews

We pay so much attention to customer reviews because they are unbiased and straightforward. Product with a high rating and much of positive comments show that the customers were happy with it.

That is why the entire stethoscopes that made our list are highly rated. In fact, all of them have a rating of 4.0 and above. Therefore, you can’t go wrong with any of them


This is a very serious factor to consider. There is a high rate of missing or stethoscope theft, and most times the owners drop them at a point instead of wearing it. Research shows that the reason for not wearing them always is because of the weight.

Therefore, you need a lightweight stethoscope that you can wear most times to avoid being stolen or tearing of your shirts.


Comfortable working tools and environment increases productivity. Therefore, you need a stethoscope that fits to your ears perfectly. Avoid any stethoscope with sharp edges and rough finishing.


The ease at which you can fold your stethoscope without causing damage to the tube depends on the ductility of the material. The more the ductility the easier you can fold your best stethoscope for EMT into your pocket.

Sound Quality

Of what benefit is a stethoscope if it can’t pick the slightest sound? Therefore, you should always consider customer remarks on the sound output of stethoscope before buying. In fact, the life-saving ability of stethoscope depends on the quality of the sound you can pick at any given time.

Diagnostic Versatility

As an emergency medical technician, you need a multi-purpose stethoscope. Preferably, you should go for a dual head stethoscope that works well with both adults and children. Also, always go for a stethoscope that can pick sound from almost all part of the body.

Best Stethoscope For EMT – Wrap Up

Without any doubt, this is the list of best stethoscope for EMT on the market today. They are on this list based on the high score of features of a reliable and quality stethoscope.

They are affordable, durable and versatile. Testimonies and rating show that you can always depend on any of them to get your job done.


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