Best Rangefinder For Hunting Reviews [2020]

If your goal is to get the best rangefinder for hunting that will help you hunt with precision or accuracy, then welcome to this post. Before introducing you to the highly rated and well-priced rangefinder for hunting, you need to have basic knowledge of a quality rangefinder.

You will know exactly what a rangefinder is and what to look out for before buying one. Above all, you need to know that our final pick was based on users’ satisfaction. Yes, what others said and rating is the basic yardstick for selecting the best rangefinder for hunting found below.

What is Rangefinder and Why do You Need it as a Hunter

A rangefinder is a hunters companion that helps them shot on target. It aids the hunter in focusing and magnifying images for an easy target. There are several reasons why a hunter needs a rangefinder but the most among them is that it does away with guesswork.

With a rangefinder, a hunter no longer needs to shot aimlessly or search for a long time before sighting a pray. In fact, rangefinders for hunting makes hunting with precision easy because it helps in calculating both speed and distance to hunt.

There are 5 top-rated rangefinders for hunting we reviewed before coming up with the best. They all have high user ratings of above 4 stars and affordable.  They are:

  1. Bushnell 202442 Bowhunting Laser rangefinder………………Overall Best
  2. Nikkon 8397 ACCULON AL 11 Laser Rangefinder………………Runner Up
  3. Leupold RX -650 Micro Laser Rangefinder
  4. Wild Game innovations Hallo XRT Rangefinder
  5. Simmons 801405 Rangefinder 4 X 20LFR 600

The Best RangeFinder For Hunting

Bushnell 202442 The Truth ARC 4 X 20mm Bowhunting Laser Rangefinder

The best among these top-rated rangefinders for hunting is the Bushnell 202442 Bowhunting laser rangefinder. This is because it has advanced laser technology that takes out the guesswork out of archery shots.

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The 4X magnification offer crystal clear imagery all the time. It is very easy to use because with just a push of a button it can determine compensated distance based on the angle of your shot. There will never be guesswork in your hunting again because you will always know what pin to use from 7 to 199 yards.

Bushnell is the only laser rangefinder makers that are team primo approved. The combo is the deadliest since stick met string as a bow.

In addition, this best rangefinder for hunting comes with a clear shot technology, which provides instant feedback on the hunters shot clearance. So, if you are really interested in hunting on target then this is the best option. You need not clip branches or hit obstruction because of the advance archery shot technology.

It comes with a simple 3 step process that enables you to calibrate the rangefinder to correspond with the speed of the bow through your sight system.

Users of this best rangefinder for bow hunting enjoys a 100% money-back guarantee. Yes, it is exclusively sold on Amazon, which means your purchase is guaranteed for 30 days. This means that if for any reason you’re not satisfied with the result or claim then request a refund through Amazon’s customer support.

Customer Reviews

As at the time of writing this best rangefinder for hunting review, there are over 180 verified user reviews online. Its average rating was 4.3 out of 5 stars, which shows that users were very pleased with their purchase.  Precisely, 70% of the users rated it 5 stars, which makes it really the best among equals.

Unedited testimony from King reads “I have used this rangefinder for some time now for target ranging and long-range shooting and it works great. I have tested it out of 800 yards and even tested at the local range to see its accuracy and it is right on point. Though I don’t use it for bow hunting but I can tell it will work perfectly”.

Also, another unedited testimony from Camulay really shows that this is the best rangefinder for bow hunting you can go for. In Camulay’s words “I gained all the hunting confidence I need since I bought Bushnell 202442 rangefinder. Last year I missed a very nice archery buck at 50 yards and about 25 degrees down the slope. So, I realized I needed a rangefinder higher than mine and Bushnell rangefinder was what I went for after reading other user reviews.

It has a very bright lens, which is due to its 4x optical tech. very easy to use and see to calculate distances while sighting the bow out of 80 yards. The battery life is superb.

The clear shot tech gives the bow hunter the reassurance required to make long shots and know your shooting lane is free and clear of obstacles. So, this is really the best rangefinder for long shooting and bow hunting I have ever used”.

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Bushnell Rangefinder – Cons

The only complaint about this rangefinder is that the price is on the high side. But the quality and reliability cannot be compared with other rangefinders in the market, which is why it is expensive.

If you’re a regular hunter then you need what will last or you need a durable and accurate rangefinder, which is where Bushnell rangefinder comes into play.

Best Rangefinder for Hunting – Runner Up

Nikon 8397 ACULON AL 11 Laser Rangefinder

Nikon 8397 ACULON AL 11 Laser Rangefinder is one of the cheapest rangefinders in the market today. That it is cheap does not in any way affect its performance. It is very portable such that you can put it in your pocket or easily hang it on your neck.

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As at the time of writing this post, Nikon 8397 ACULON has an average rating of 4.2 by over 600 hunters. This is an indication of high performance by this rangefinder. With this rangefinder, you will enjoy rapid accuracy because it delivers an accurate reading from 6 yards all the way to 550 yards.

You can easily read the measurement, which is displayed in 1 yard or meter increments.  The greatest feature of Nikon 8397 is that it can magnify an object, animal or image 6 times using a 20mm objective lens. The auto power-saving ability of this best rangefinder for hunting makes it go on sleep mode after 8 seconds of being inactive. Thereby saving the battery life for very long use.

6 Things to Consider Before Buying a Rangefinder

With many rangefinders for hunting in the market, it is imperative you know the basic things to look out for before spending your hard-earned money. Below are the 6 things you must consider and they are:

  1. Range
  2. Lens
  3. Tech
  4. Zoom
  5. Battery type and life
  6. Cost


The range is a particular distance a rangefinder can measure in a given time. Some can measure a long distance while some can only measure short distance. Your hunting tool will determine the best rangefinder for hunting to go for. Rifle hunters prefer rangefinders that can measure a long distance than the bow hunters.


The quality of the lens determines how clear the object appears to the hunter. You should always go for a lens with high magnifying strength and that allows enough light to pass through for clarity.


In this case, you are considering how many times of the size of the image will you see through the lens. Never go for a rangefinder that has a zooming effect less than 4 times the image size.


The technology behind a rangefinder greatly determines how accurate it will be in targeting an object. The latest technology today is the clear shot tech, the ARC tech, advanced laser, and the team primos, which is only found in Bushnell rangefinders for now

Battery Type and Life

Lithium metal batteries are the best options when considering buying the best rangefinder for hunting. Always go for Lithium batteries of 3V


This really depends on how much you are willing to spend. On a general note, rangefinders are affordable now. Unlike those early days when you must spend thousands of dollars to get one for yourself. All the list of best rangefinders for hunting found on these reviews are very affordable.

Best Rangefinder for Hunting- Wrap Up

Unlike other best rangefinder for bow hunting reviews where you are left with so many options to pick from. We have done detailed research and present to you the best among all, which is Bushnell 202442 the truth ARC 4 X 20M Bowhunting laser rangefinder.

Our second pick, which is Nikon ACULON was due to its affordability and high performance and capacity. Nikon is a household name when it comes to gadgets. Therefore, you are sure of getting the best from them.

So, if you’re using bow or rifle to hunt then these two rangefinders could be the best hunting friend you can go for now.

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