Best Metal Detectors [2020]-Beginners, Kids And Experts

After detailed research and comparisons, we found out there are only 7 best metal detectors out of 77 sold online.

Out of the 7, the overall best metal detector is Fisher F44 Metal Detector. It is an all-around metal detector because you can use it for coin shooting, relic hunting, gold prospecting, and many more.

best metal detectors help treasure seekers get perfect result easily. Therefore always go for best metal detector

Fisher 44 is an easy to use metal detector and most accurate among others. As at the time of writing this best metal detector reviews, Fisher F44 has online average customer reviews of 4.9 stars out of 5 stars.

In fact, it is an Amazon bestseller, which means it is highly rated, well priced and ready for immediate shipment. So, you can’t go wrong with this detector.

That being said, the other metal detectors that made our list of best metal detectors, and are categorized according to what they are best made for are:

Our research shows that a lot of treasure hunters’ always get frustrated along the way, not because they have the wrong metal detector, but because they lack the proper knowledge and patience required to win the game.

So, if you are new to metal detecting then make sure you read all we have here because we took time to educate you on how to be a  successful treasure hunter.

Some of the things we covered below are 10 metal detecting secrets for beginners, 8 steps on how to maintain your metal detector, 10 metal detecting tips, and buyers’ guide.

With all these in mind, let’s dig deep into the features of the metal detectors listed above to know why they are the best.

7 Best Metal Detectors

1.  Fisher F44 Metal Detector

best metal detectors help treasure seekers get perfect result easily. Therefore always go for best metal detector

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Fisher F44 is our top pick because it is a multipurpose metal detector. It is efficient and reliable, which is why it is a highly rated piece. As at the time of writing this report, it has an average star rating of 4.9 stars out of 5 stars.

The high rating is a clear sign of users’ satisfaction and value for money. It easily detects coins, jewelry and relics up to 10 inches deep.

The weather has no effect on its performance. In fact, you can freely use Fisher F44 in the rain because it is a waterproof metal detector.

It has superfast retune speed with excellent target separation and easy to use Discrimination, Sensitivity, Notch and Pinpoint features.

GROUND-GRAB Computerized Ground Balancing and Manual Ground Balance make it easy to tune the F44 to the soil you are hunting in. Easily identify buried targets. Custom mode allows you to set your own tones.

Special Features:

  • 7’’ Concentric Elliptical search coil
  • 11’ Triangulated concentric elliptical search coil
  • 11” DD Elliptical Open search coil
  • Comes with Fe- adjustable iron audio, which gives you the room to set the volume of ferrous target lower the non-ferrous target for increased clarity on detecting a target.
  • 9-segment target categories and 0-99 numeric target ID supported with 4 tone audio system
  • Comes with backlight in case of a poor light condition
  • It has all metal mode
  • Non-volatile memory saves settings.

With all these great features of the Fisher F44 metal detector, you are sure of success in your adventure.

2.  Teknetics Delta 4000 Metal Detector

When you need a metal detector that is easy to operate and easy to set up then Teknetics is the best option. It is a very lightweight metal detector with the VDi extremely accurate. Also, the pinpoint is very accurate and it goes a great depth of up to 8 inches.

Best metal detectors are built for treasure hunting enthusiast. So, go for the best metal detector that will guide you well

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It is among the versatile metal detectors you can think of because it is ideal for coin shooting, relic hunting, and gold prospecting.

As the time of writing these reviews, Teknetics Delta 4000 is an online best seller because it is highly rated, affordable and ready for instant shipment. Over 50 customers rated it high by given it a 4.2-star rating.

The battery life is so great such that it can run for 25 hours on a single 9-volt battery at 7.8 kHz frequency.

Special Features:

  • A two-digit numeric target ID system
  • 3- Tone Audio ID
  • Adjustable discrimination
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Running depth display
  • All metal mode
  • Overload alarm system

It is a made in the USA metal detector that comes with 5 years warranty against defects in workmanship and material.

3.  Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro Metal Detector

As at the time of making an online detailed research on Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro Metal Detector, we found out that over 130 customers were very happy they bought Bounty metal detector.

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In fact, it has a high rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 stars, which is why it is one of Amazon’s best choices.  This means that it is very affordable, highly rated and reliable.

It is a very high performing tool and can detect a coin at a depth of 7 to 8 inches.

Unedited testimony from one of the Bounty Hunter Land ranger metal detector published online shows that it worth being among the best all-around metal detectors you can go for today.

In the exact words of the testifier “Great machine that works perfectly as described. I went for it because it was recommended by the long term members of the hunting club I belong to.

They are very experienced, therefore, I could not hesitate to go by their words, and it really paid off. If you are serious about the treasure hunting hobby, then I recommend this for you.”

Special Features

  • V-break, variable tone breakpoint
  • Pinpoint mode with depth indicator
  • Fetone, Adjustable iron Audio
  • Menu System with Variable notching
  • Ground Grab, Computerized Ground Balancing

4.  White Spectra VX3 Metal Detector

Our research shows that White Spectra VX3 is a hybrid metal detector because it is the combination of the premier performance of V3 and the turn-on-and-go simplicity of the coinmaster line.

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If you are a beginner, there is no point of you going for a very expensive metal detector like this one. So pick from the affordable ones above until you master the art. But if you understand all it takes and love the treasure hunting hobby then you can consider going for this.

White Spectra is very easy to use with 8 preset hunting programs. You will enjoy the specialized beach mode of this best metal detector for the beach.

Its waterproof design help hunters go deep up to 2 feet into the water without any side effect.

As at the point of examining the reliability of White Spectra VX3, we discovered that over 20 customers were so happy with it. In fact, they gave it a high rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 stars, which shows it is very reliable and dependable.

Special Features:

  • HD color display – with adjustable backlight.
  • Target ID with coin
  • 8 Turn-on-and-go hunting programs
  • Onboard quick reference guide

5.  NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC PRO Series Metal Detector (Best For Kids)

This metal detector is very easy to use and highly adjustable because it is built with the kids and beginners in mind.  You can easily carry it around, be it a beach or on a hike and find treasure everywhere you go.

best metal detectors are built with children in mind. Therefore if you are looking for best metal detector for kids then go for this

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Over 180 customers and parents enjoyed using this best metal detector for beginners, which is why they rated it high.  As at the time of doing this research, it has an average user rating of 4.2 stars out of 5 stars.

Special Features

  • High-quality performance & simple operation
  • Highly portable telescoping design – no assembly required
  • 10” waterproof detection coil
  • Audio alert detection with volume adjustment and headphone jack
  • 3 detection modes to filter out “garbage” metals
  •  4 sensitivity modes to detect treasure as deep as 12 inches underground
  • Pinpoint function for added precision
  •  Easy to understand LCD display


  • Very affordable
  • Very easy to use
  • Lightweight and suitable for kids


  • Metal type discriminator is not usually accurate

6. Minelab EQUINOX 800 Multi-IQ Metal Detector 

Minelab Equinox is the best all-around metal detector for a serious enthusiast. The technology behind this metal detector makes metal detecting easier than you can imagine.

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Minelab Equinox is adaptable for all target types and ground conditions. All it takes for you to get it right is to set it and go.

This is a very versatile metal detector because it has added functionality of gold mode, high frequency, wireless audio accessories, and advanced settings. All these made the use of this best metal detector simple with accurate readings.

Online research shows that it is Amazon’s choice, which means it is affordable, highly recommended and available for instant purchase. It is fully submersible, ideal for detecting at the beach, rivers, streams, and lakes

Special Features:

  • 8 custom search profiles
  • Sleek and lightweight
  • Upgradable software
  • High-speed wireless audio
  • Gold detecting mode
  • Fully waterproof

7. Garrett ACE 400 Metal Detector 

Garret is a name to reckon with when it comes to buying a metal detector. It performs greatly, which is why it is highly rated by over 70 customers.

best metal detectors are designed with special features that makes treasure hunting great.

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At the point of writing this metal detector reviews, Garrett ACE 400 has an average rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 stars.

It is one of the metal detectors that have electronic pinpointing, which precisely locate a target and speed recovery notch discrimination.

The higher frequency of this tool provides better sensitivity to low and medium conductivity targets. Also, it comes with a new adjustable frequency that eliminates interference.

Unedited testimony published online shows that Garrett ACE 400 metal detector is one of the best professional metal detectors you can go for.

In the exact words of the testifier” I have been in metal detecting job for the past 15 years. I have used so many brands of metal detector no one gave me the satisfaction Garret gives me. The performance is great such that I can easily eliminate junks and get better finds now”.

7 Steps on How to Care For Best Metal Detectors

Metal detectors are usually expensive; therefore you must learn how to take care of it to last longer. In fact, the durability, reliability, and performance of your metal detector largely depend on how you understand how to take care of it.

This leads us to 7 things you must always do to keep your detector sound. They are as follows:

  1. Make sure you comprehensively read the user manual
  2. Always keep your metal detector in the shield
  3. Protect the monitor, toggle switches and battery access cover
  4. Regularly check the coil and headset wires
  5. Always be careful with wire connections
  6. Always shield your detector from the element
  7. Make sure you carry the headphones in a cloth bag

Let’s look deep into the steps mentioned above.

1. Make Sure You Comprehensively Read The User Manual

Always take time to read all that is contained in the user manual. Don’t be quick in discarding the user and operational manual. You are expected to make reference to it whenever you encounter any challenge during the course of usage.

2.  Always Keep You Metal Detector in a Shield

You need a bag or well-constructed casing where to store your detector when disassembled or not in use. It is somehow fragile because it is made from lightweight material, therefore you must protect it from damage or rusting as a result of constant exposure to the air.

3. Protect The Monitor, Toggle Switches and Battery Access Cover

The monitor, toggle switches and battery are the very essential part of the best metal detector. Therefore, you must make a provision for easy keep and easy access to avoid any type of damage.

4.  Regularly Check The Coil And Headset Wires

Develop the habit of periodically checking the wires; more especially if they are removable. Also, don’t allow dirt, sand and salt water to the areas of the best metal detector that are hard to reach,

Always use the prong shield that comes with the detector to protect the wires from breaking when not assembled.

5.  Always be Careful With Wire Connections

Wrongly connecting the wires in a metal detector build stress on the connections and wire. Therefore make sure the connection to the coin is perfect. Also, the connection between the detector’s body and the headset should be perfect.

6.  Always Shield Your Detector from Element

This point is for those using a metal detector that is not waterproof. So, if you belong to this group always protect your device from rain, dirt and other elements that may damage it. Though most detectors on the market today are waterproof.

7.  Carry The Headphone in a Cloth Bag

To protect the headphone from splitting or cracks, you have to always carry it in a cloth bag because it produces no hard surface on the headphone.

10 Metal Detecting Tips For Beginners

I dedicate this section to those who are new to metal detecting, which is a great hobby. As a beginner it is wiser you take note of some tips that will keep you going when the movement becomes tough.

There are more than 20 tips available for beginners but I will discuss 10 here because they are the most important ones. So, let’s get to the tips now.

1. Ready to Embrace Disappointment

Most people rush into treasure-seeking with the mind of making a killing anywhere soon. But that is not the case always. Therefore, be ready to endure over a long time because you will meet more of trash than treasure.

2. Be Persistent

There is this saying that goes like this “The longer you hang on a barber’s shop the likelihood you will get your hair cut”. So by being persistent and enduring, you will surely hit your first target.

3. Only go For The Best All Round Metal Detector

The success of most treasure hunters largely depends on their tool. The higher the performance of a metal detector, the higher the sensitivity. therefore always go for the best. I strongly advise beginners that are on a tight budget to wait and save more in order to buy the best, which are usually on the high side.

4. Avoid Working During Peak Hours

If you are to search in public areas, then avoid when the traffic is high because you will end up answering more questions from people that working for yourself.

5. Dig Everything

As a beginner, it will take some time for you to understand every signal from your best metal detector. Therefore make sure you dig everything until you understand how to separate sounds and signals from your detector.

6. Start in Your Backyard

Starting in your backyard and deserted areas near your home will make you learn the ropes easily. Also, it will make you build the confidence to explore other areas and even compete with other treasure seekers.

7. Always Hunt After Rain

Usually, after rain the earth conductivity is high. So, hunting after rain greatly increases the chances of winning a search because the detector detects easily and fast because of the conductivity of the earth when wet.

8. Respect The Nature

Make sure you cover all the areas you dig during a search. By doing this you are respecting the nature and people you searched in their area.

9. Always Keep the Coils Parallel to the Ground

Sometimes you may be tempted to lift your coil at the end of a sweep, but try as much as you can to avoid it because you may lose some treasure by doing that.

10. Keep Record

This is the most neglected among beginners but I believe that will not be your case. You have to start by keeping the record of areas you visited, your experiences and many more because your record will serve as a reference to others in the future.

Interact with other detectors Here 

Best Metal Detectors – Buyers Guide

There are 8 things you must consider when buying a metal detector. These 8 things are common and present in all the detectors found here in a high percentage.  The 8 things to consider are:

  • User reviews
  • Sensitivity
  • Discrimination
  • Calibration
  • Radar
  • Coil size and shape
  • Metal detector technology
  • Pinpoint Mode and depth indicator

Let’s take a deep look into each of these features you must consider before buying a detector.

User Reviews

This is paramount when buying anything online because people views are usually unbiased. Products with high user reviews indicate a value for money that is why we also made it a very strong point of consideration when choosing the best metal detectors on the market today.

All the metal detectors on our list have user ratings of over 4.0 stars out of 5, which show that users are happy with their purchase.


The sensitivity of a metal detector depends on the operating frequency. Metal detectors with low operating frequency are suitable for detecting metals that are located deep in the ground, while those with high operating frequencies are used for surface detecting.

If you are interested in deep soil gold search then you can go for detectors with a frequency range between 6.4KHZ and 20 kHz.


This is a great feature found in modern metal detectors today. It is the ability to differentiate types of metal through magnetic sounds. It will help you avoid useless search and maximize your effort in getting the real deal.

In fact, discrimination largely determines the price of metal detectors today. So, always go for detectors with a high level of discrimination.


As a rule of thumb, go for a metal detector with high calibration. This feature is also known as a ground balance because it reveals the exact proportions of metals on a particular ground.

Metal detectors with low calibration always pick external signals easily, which usually translate to wrong results.


This feature increases the ground penetrating level of a metal detector thereby determining the density and size of the metallic object in a ground. The radar feature speeds up the search process with a high level of accuracy.

Coil Size and Shape

There are basically four types of coil shape, which are concentric, spider, elliptical and double D. The shape and size determines the range and depth the detector can go. Concentric coils are the standard shape and have long-range coverage and can penetrate a depth of about twelve inches.

Spider-shaped coil is very much similar to a concentric coil. It is ideal for thick undergrowth because of its penetrating force. In addition, the elliptical has good range coverage but the oval design result in covering large surface area.

Double D has the greatest range of all but has a low penetrating force. When considering buying a detector you should equally consider the exact situation you need to use it.

Metal Detector Technology

The tech behind a metal detector determines its reliability and price. Basically, there are 3 types of tech associated with detectors, which are BFO, VLF, and PI.

BFO stands for beat frequency oscillation. Metal detectors with BFO use 2 coils and an oscillator to create a set of frequency that responds with the presence of metal.

The tech is simple thereby making it the least expensive and less reliable. This is majorly used by beginner because you will learn the rope with it.

VFL stands for very low frequency. It is the common tech in most detectors today. In this case, the detector emits a low-frequency magnetic field that travels far into the ground and picks up the reflection. You can tune this type of detectors to pick only certain metals.

PI stands for pulse induction. It works great if you are searching for metal deep below the surface. They are very expensive detectors because they work on target

Pinpoint Mode and Depth Indicator

These are two separate features but are often included together in the mid-level detectors. Pinpoint mode automatically aligns the response point to the center of the coil, resulting in a precise location of objects. Depth indicator informs the user how far down they have to dig to find the object. The information for both of these features is usually found on an LCD display in the control box.

Best Metal Detectors- Wrap Up

Obviously, here is the list of best metal detectors that have won the heart of many treasure hunters. They are all reliable and durable, which is why they are highly rated by a lot of customers.

In as much as you are searching for the best metal detector, remember that it takes time, patience and persistent to get the desired result. So feel free to make a choice above because they all pass the stress test conducted.



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