Best Hybrid Table Saw [2023] – All You Need to Know

Hybrid table saw have become the most sought-after table saw on the market. Little wonder you’re seeking to know the best hybrid table saw on the market today.

Choosing a hybrid table saw can be quite difficult if you do not have sufficient knowledge about them or the factors to look out for in choosing a hybrid table saw.

We understand this challenge and that is why we’ve worked hard to research and brought to you best hybrid table saws with the right features.

We did not only do detailed research on the best hybrid table saw, but we equally brought to you everything you need to know about it. Such as its detailed history, how to maintain it, factors to consider before buying and how you can safely use it.

Our research shows that there are up to 27 hybrid table saws on the market that can be referred to best. But leaving you with the choice of selecting from 27 will make this review helpless.

Therefore, we narrowed this best hybrid table saw review to 3 most powerful hybrid table saws. Here come our top picks, yet we strongly encourage you to read all we’ve in this post because it will make you better informed about hybrid saws.


  1. Grizzly G0690
  2. Powermatic PM1000
  3. Shop Fox W1837

Our final decision is hinged on customer testimonies. We greatly respect customer reviews because they are unbiased and straight to the point. Above all, they all have a high rating of 4.0 and above, which shows you can’t go wrong with any of the best hybrid table saws on this list.

Now let’s discuss them in a bit more detail.

1. GRIZZLY G0690 Review

This is definitely our top pick because this piece of equipment is the exact embodiment of top quality and optimal performance. It’s built with a triple belt drive run by a 3 HP motor. The trunnions are made of heavy cast iron; all of these put together is set up on a cast iron table.

I am sure from this description you already know that the Grizzly G0690 is a beast, well, that’s not all. This hybrid saw comes with a camlock T-fence, 4-inch dust collection port, a magnetic switch of the highest quality, riving knife, heavily cast hand wheels and a T-slot miter gauge. If you’re one always in search of equipment that crosses the T’s and dots the I’s then you have a great companion in the G0690. It is certified both by CSA and UL 987, meeting all the necessary standards.

If I forgot to mention this earlier, this best hybrid table saw is a piece of magnificent 10-inch equipment which tilts to the left. This makes it so easy to work with as the left tilt allows it to square up with the blade seamlessly.

To ensure safety while you work, the riving knife comes with a blade guard attached. This is equipped with a quick release feature for the motor guard, riving knife, as well as the splitter assembly. The T-blade is 10 x 40 inch and with the H3308 add-on, it is so easy to manipulate.

This hybrid table saw will work well to cut maple, Purple Heart, or 8/4 padauk. I am sure you’re already wondering if this saw has a downside with all this praise being showered on it. It actually does though very little.

Grizzly G0690- Pros

  • It is CSA certified so you’re sure of buying a top quality table saw
  • It is built to last because most parts are made of heavy cast iron
  • Very affordable
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with high safety measures

Grizzly G0690 – Cons

  • It has a very short cord
  • The dust collection system is not efficient

 POWERMATIC PM1000 – Review

This hybrid table saw comes in at second place and sincerely it can compete with the Grizzly 0690 any day. Without wasting much time let’s take a quick look at the amazing qualities of the Powermatic PM1000.


The most standout quality of this best hybrid table saw is its compactness. It can fit into almost anywhere regardless of your workspace design, and you can be sure it will still function optimally. The Powermatic PM1000 comes with an incredible design as well, so it not just fits into your workspace seamlessly, it adds some panache as well.

Another strong point of this hybrid table saw is the durability. If you’re planning to spend money on getting this for your workshop you can be sure it is a lifetime investment. To make it more interesting this piece of equipment is engineered to provide you flawless accuracy to make your overall working experience top notch. This is exactly that lift you needed.

The Powermatic PM1000 has a 50-inch fence which implies a bigger workspace and more comfort while you work. If you’re scared of power consumption then you had better invest in the PM1000, it needs just 115V to run optimally. in fact, it is one of the most power efficient best hybrid table saws on the market till date.

Dust collection can be a great challenge when it comes to woodwork; Powermatic recognizes this and so have enabled the PM1000 to be efficient with dust collection. They installed a collection hose which pulls in all of the dust generated during work and passes it to the collection port. The PM1000 was designed for safety. There are independent side leaves which are quite easy to use as well as a guard which can be installed manually without the help of tools.


  • An efficient dust collection system
  • Low power consumption
  • Comes with Arbour lock feature



  • Very poor customer service
  • The bolts holding the blade guard occasionally come in contact with the blade

SHOP FOX W1837 Hybrid Table Saw

This hybrid table saw has been singled out by most reviews as the perfect hybrid table saw for the money. It helps you save some greenback while giving you top quality and optimal performance. It is more like saying it brings you top quality at the cheapest price possible.


Now let’s check out its stand out qualities.

Firstly, the hybrid table saw runs on a 2HP single phase motor which requires 110/220V. That’s just great for power conservation and efficiency. It has the ability to rip up to 30 inches to the right and 12 inches in the opposite direction. To ensure better accuracy the blade angle can be tilted up to 45 degrees to the left. This wonderful piece of equipment runs at a speed of 3850 RPM and an arbor size of between 5 to 8 inches.

Considering the fence and overall design of the Shop Fox W1837 accuracy becomes the norm for the user. Everything was engineered just so you could become more efficient on the job. It also sports a lockdown feature which was installed basically for your safety. Vibration, which usually reduces accuracy while working, has been totally eliminated in this machine. This seems almost impossible so the machine was passed through the nickel test. A piece of nickel was placed on the machine while working and it did not move an inch talk more of a drop to the floor.


  • Very powerful
  • Built to last
  • Designed for accuracy and efficiency
  • Poses top quality fence
  • Produces little or no vibration owing to its design



  • Not easy to assemble
  • Comes with a low-quality miter gauge, which you need to replace after some time

9 Factors to Consider When Buying a Hybrid Table Saw

Buying a hybrid table saw is probably the most important investment a woodcutter can make, except of course buying a second hybrid, table saw, just kidding. Truly these pieces of equipment are very costly, in fact, they cost a fortune. This is why you must look out for specific qualities to ensure you do not end up wasting money or buying some substandard hybrid table saw at the end of the day. These factors are what we considered when we chose the above-stated brands as our top picks.

You need to understand these factors well so you can look out for them when buying your hybrid table saw and know whether it suits your requirements or not. We have tried to explain as simply as possible below.

Accurate and smooth cutting

My first question is what is the reason for buying a hybrid table saw? The answer is in plain sight, to ensure neat and accurate cutting of wood. To achieve this the blade must be sharp and strong enough to cut through any piece of wood, at least the kind of wood you work with, without any problems. The equipment should allow you to make beveled, rip, and cross cuts with ease. This will allow for the much-needed precision and accuracy. Asides the blade, the fence, and miter gauge must also be designed for accuracy. For some hybrid table saws, you might need to change the miter gauge, if you need to please do.


You could hardly separate the quality or efficiency of a hybrid table saw from the horsepower. Without a doubt, the horsepower is a major defining factor of how powerful a hybrid table saw is. With a low horsepower, the equipment will not be able to cut through materials efficiently. This will make your work slower and lack required accuracy. On the other hand, if the horsepower is more than what has required the whole system and work process becomes destabilized. It is so bad it could even lead to workplace accidents so for best practice you must get a hybrid table saw with the right horsepower capacity for the kind of work you do.

Riving knife

A very common risk related to the use of hybrid table saws is “kickback.” This can be avoided by ensuring that your hybrid table saw comes with a very good riving knife as it reduces it to the barest minimum. How do you figure this out? Watch out for the curve of your riving knife, it should be uniform with that on the blade of the saw. Regardless of how you move the blade, whether you rotate it, raise or lower it, it should maintain the same position. To make it better the riving knife should have a quick release feature. You should note that the riving knife is a preferred option to a splitter, this protects you against the event of a kickback.

Flesh sensor

When buying any equipment, safety is a paramount factor you must watch out for, this also applies to buy a hybrid table saw. When buying a hybrid table saw ensure you get one that comes with a flesh sensor feature. It will definitely cost you more but comparing that to your safety, it is really worth every penny. With this feature, the blade stops within 0.01 seconds of touching your skin. This will make the motor stop running and the blade drops below the table. Now you see how important this feature is.

Easy adjustment

When buying a hybrid table saw make sure you get one that allows you to adjust the blade alignment easily. With this feature, you can be sure your cuts become more accurate and the overall quality of your work be improved greatly. Asides the blade, the bevel, and fence position must also be easily adjustable while working with your hybrid table saw. The different parts of the device should also be easy to lubricate to ensure that you reduce friction to the barest minimum. The adjustability of the machine should cut across all levels of proficiency such that even a novice can get around to using the machine easily.

Drive belt adjustment

Usually in a hybrid table saw the blade is connected to the motor by a drive belt. This part of the machine is the major cause of vibration during use of the hybrid table saw. This factor alone makes it important to have a good drive belt that can be easily adjusted. What most people don’t know is that vibrations reduce your accuracy and efficiency in making cuts. Poly-V belts are preferred to the regular V-Belts or wedge belts. This is because it has been noticed that Poly-V belts produce considerably fewer vibrations than the other two. For best quality, however, you should go for a hybrid table saw that has a serpentine drive belt as it provides you a higher power output than the rest.

Left blade tilt

If the blade can tilt to the left it is most likely to produce far less kickback than when it tilts to the right. Most of the time the blade is set up to be able to tilt at 90 degrees but to achieve better results with bevel and angle cuts a provision must be made for it to tilt to several angles. As much as people prefer left tilts to right tilts, it all boils down to your personal preference.

Dust control and collection system

A dust-free space is paramount to avoid chaos in your workplace. When using a hybrid table saw you are bound to produce a lot of sawdust and this can be really annoying. To handle this problem you can either have a vacuum mounted behind to suck up the dust or have a shroud over the blade to redirect the dust. Whichever method you choose always remember to empty the dust bag frequently.

User reviews

Checking out user reviews is very important when planning to buy any product online, this includes hybrid table saws. The reviews will help you make the right choice as you will get to know about user experiences with the different products. When you compare these with the factors stated above it can help you make the perfect choice of what hybrid table saw to buy.

Maintenance of Hybrid Table Saw

Whichever brand of best hybrid table saw you pick one condition is common to ensure durability and safety in the workplace. That condition is the maintenance of the hybrid table saw. It is important to carry out periodic maintenance on the saw to ensure that it remains in good working order and your safety is guaranteed every time you work.

One occurrence you cannot avoid while using a hybrid table saw, or any table saw in fact, is the accumulation of sawdust and sap as well as other residues. Without clearing these out regularly you put all of your work at risk. This is because these residues reduce the accuracy of the best hybrid table saw giving you rough cuts at the end of the day.

All of these are reasons why you need to take time to maintain your hybrid table saw frequently. We have brought you a few maintenance tips below:

Periodic Maintenance Practices

  • Ensure you regularly clean out the dust that accumulates on the machine as well as in every crevice. There is likely to be dust on the gears, controls, and the motor too. To get rid of the dust simply use a brush over each area to loosen dust particles. Next, use a vacuum to suck off the dust or a blower to blow off the dust from the machine.
  • After a while of use, friction causes the hybrid saw parts to begin to wear. Wearing of these parts reduces the efficiency of the machine, though it will happen in the end. You can keep it at the barest to this end get some drying oil or lubricant and spray regularly over machine parts to ensure all the parts operate optimally. Take note of the adjustment mechanisms, pivot points, and gears, they need it the most.
  • A clean blade will ensure neat and accurate cuts while reducing the risk of a kickback. This means you must take out time to clean up your blade as often as possible. Get some gum remover and pitch, use them in cleaning your blade regularly.
  • Over time there will be resin and gum residue buildup on your tabletop. To clean these use fine steel wool and some light oil-based lubricant.
  • To ensure precise fence adjustments and easy sliding of work materials over the work table you need to grease it regularly with some paste or automotive wax. Ensure you polish the front fence guide and the rip fence too.
  • Ensure your employ the use of mild liquid soaps and some warm water in cleaning any plastic pieces.
  • Avoid cleaning your best hybrid table saw with harsh and highly harsh chemicals such as Ammonia.

Maintenance Tips during Work

Best practice advises that within every five hours of use, certain parts of your hybrid table saw should be checked and realigned or adjusted. This is necessary to maintain optimal function and almost a hundred percent efficiency. You realize I said “almost.” That’s because no machine is a hundred percent efficient. The guide to this is to go through your manufacturer’s instruction manual. I’d just give you some tips as to what alignments need to be checked and what adjustments need to be made.

  • Check the drive belt to be sure the tension is accurate. Also, check for any signs of damage from wear and tear.
  • Check the mechanisms in place for tilting and raising of the blade to be sure they are not loose. Also, observe the motor mounting mechanism for movement. Make adjustments if necessary to ensure safety for yourself and your hybrid table saw.
  • Using directions on the manufacturer’s manual check the tilt angle stops and adjust if necessary.
  • Observe the arbor pulleys and motor alignment using a straightedge. Normally the straightedge should lay straight against the face of each if it doesn’t then adjust the motor pulley sufficiently.
  • Finally, observe the blade guard. Ensure that the anti-kickback pawl teeth maintain sharpness and the kerf splitter aligns with the saw blade.

Hybrid Table Saw Safety

So I thought that in rounding up this article I should bring you some safety tips that will come in handy while using your new hybrid table saw, especially if you are a novice. It is one thing to be able to pick out the best hybrid table saw, it is a totally different ball game to be able to wield it properly and ensure your safety while doing so.

There are so many safety precautions I’d probably need to write a whole new article on that topic altogether. While I get around to doing that a few safety points are summarized in the following bullet points:

  • Never wear gloves to operate your hybrid table saw.
  • Always wear non-slip footwear while working with your hybrid table saw.
  • Always use a face shield, goggles, or glasses while using the saw.
  • If what you are working on is producing lots of dust, be sure to wear a dust mask.
  • When cutting stock of 150cm or less, use a push stick.
  • While working ensure your body isn’t in line with the blade. This way you can be safe from the dust particles flying about.
  • Always look out for the height of the stock in relation to the blade. The blade, at all times, must not be more than 6mm higher than the stock being cut. This way even if your body comes in contact with the blade you only get a small cut.
  • Pay rapt attention while working with the hybrid table saw. Avoid discussions or any other form of distraction.

More Safety Measures

  • Never try to reach across the table or behind it while the blade is still running.
  • Never attempt to leave the saw until the blade comes to a complete stop.
  • Prior to adjusting the blade or carrying out any other form of maintenance, ensure you have unplugged the power.
  • Cut only seasoned wood. Make sure it is dry and flat as well.
  • Never make free-hand cuts on the table. Ensure the stock is guided at all times, either by the miter gauge or rip fence.
  • Ensure the blade stops running completely before making an attempt to adjust the saw.
  • Don’t try to use the rip fence and the miter gauge simultaneously, except they are on the same side of the table.

With the above I believe it will be easy to pick out a perfect hybrid table saw for your work, maintain it and keep yourself safe while doing that.

History of Table Saw

Let me break it down a bit into simple language. Some centuries ago we had someone breed a donkey with a horse in a bid to produce a more powerful and efficient farm animal. The result of this crossbreed was the mule, an animal that marries strength with efficiency packaged in a portable body. This meant farm work was carried out faster without spending much. On a daily basis, we hear about crossbreeds of different kinds. That is exactly what happened in the conception of hybrid table saws.

Hybrid saws were designed to provide users with the advantages of both contractor and cabinet table saws in one package to ensure more efficiency on the workbench.

Cabinet table saws have dust and noise-capturing closed bases while contractor table saws are known to have better performance. Well, the hybrid table saws bring both provisions together to provide you the perfect table saw.

We believe you’ve understood that already so let’s take it a notch higher, let’s briefly describe the makeup of hybrid table saws by understanding a few characteristics of the parent machines. For cabinet table saws, they are usually very heavy, stout, and solid.

Cabinet Table Saw

This is understandable because they run on a 3-horsepower motor which a 240-volt needs a circuit to function optimally. Additionally, both the trunnions and saw mechanism are set up on the cabinet base.

These entire set up make the cabinet table saw bulky and unnecessarily heavy and not easy to move about. All of these were corrected in the design of the hybrid table saw. In the hybrid, table saw there is a cast iron table surface and then the trunnions and saw mechanism are simply bolted to the bottom of the table.

Contractor Table Saw

Contractor table saws, on the other hand, have all of the major components like the stand, cast iron table, and legs being detachable. Bolted to the bottom of the table is a tilt mechanism so the user can achieve all the necessary angles while using the saw. In addition to this, we have the induction motor hanging right at the back of the machine. Though the motor is very heavy, it is also detachable, making it easier to move the saw about. If you know a bit about hybrid saws you should be able to figure out what advantages of each table saw were adopted in making the hybrid saw.

Hybrid Table Saw

Without mincing words, a hybrid table saw is basically a contractor saw which has been modified to have an enclosure preventing dust and noise and having the motor inside rather than hanging off the back. The truth is that the hybrid saw is still quite heavy with this arrangement and to most people may seem difficult to move around, it is still more convenient to use than any of the aforementioned table saws. Due to the massive advantages that come with hybrids, they have easily taken over the market. Manufacturers now prefer producing hybrids mostly because asides being versatile they also do not cost as much to produce.

This is not all for the best hybrid saw, they are a great tool in the hand of hobbyists as their size makes it easy to carry out work with deft precision. Some lobbyists have referred to them as the wave of the future especially because they are equipped with more effective trunnions and the motors are not as heavy. The motors are between 1.2 to 1.4 horsepower which infers that they require just 110 volts to work efficiently.

I could go on and on describing the hybrid table saw as details are almost inexhaustible. The truth about this piece of machine is that within just a few years of development it has become one of the most used pieces in woodwork.

Beginners Mistake to Avoid When Using Hybrid Table Saw

Hybrid Table Saw – Wrap Up

As promised earlier on, everything you need to know about the best hybrid table saw is detailed in this review. We provided you with the 3 most powerful and affordable hybrid table saws that have very high user satisfaction.

In fact, our final conclusion was hinged on what other woodworkers said about these machines. Yes, we greatly respect the opinions of verified users’ because their views are unbiased.

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