Best Golf GPS Reviews [2020]- Top 2 to Use Today

If your goal as a golfer is to get a best golf GPS device that will help you become a better player then welcome to the best golf GPS review online today. Golf GPS has evolved over the years from a simple distance measuring device for golfers to a more complex device with a high level of accuracy.

This review has its root from the feedback from other golf players that were willing to express their feelings or experiences on the golf GPS they used. After detailed research and comparisons, we came up with the best, which are Bushnell Phantom Handheld Golf GPS and PlayBetter Germin S20 Golf GPS Watch.

Though, there are other good and cheaper ones such as “Dream Sport GPS Golf Watch” And “Golf Buddy voice2 Golf GPS and rangefinder” but they lack some features found in our top picks

Best Golf GPS

Bushnell Phantom Handheld Golf GPS

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Bushnell Phantom is packed with goodies that if you utilize them you will easily become a professional or better golf player. For instance, it comes with play better portable USB charger (2200 mAh). Built-in golf Cart Magnet and 35000+ preloaded Courses. It is very portable and easy to use Golf GPS device.

As the time of making detailed research on the best Golf GPS devices in the market, we found out that the Bushnell phantom handheld has the highest user ratings. Yes, it has an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

This Very high rating is a clear sign of performance and users’ satisfaction with the result. So, you can’t go wrong if you consider going for it. To be precise, 78% of the users’ rates it 5 stars, which is why it is our top pick today. No matter the golf course you are into, this device will give you the best.

it is very affordable and exclusively sold on Amazon and that puts you on the safe side of buying it. This means that if for any reasons you don’t enjoy this device then ask for a refund within 30 days of purchase.

Customer Reviews

Tony Black from Golfers’ forum has this to say “Another name for this device is “golf made easy”. I have gained all the confidence I need to play Golf after going through the pre-loaded courses. The shocking thing about this device is that it does not just give front, back and middle yardage. You will also get up to 4 additional distances. Such as the end of the fairway, right and left green bunker, right or left center bunker and the magnet is very strong.

Mr. Bob has this to say about this best Golf GPS. “This is one of the simplest Golf devices anyone can go for. Once you programme it well, which is simple and easy and pick your course that is all. It knows what hole it is on and gives you the correct distance”.

Best Golf Gps Watch

PlayBetter Garmin Approach S20 Golf GPS Watch

When it comes to GPS gadgets Garmin is a name to reckon with. Therefore,  PlayBetter Garmin Approach S20 Golf GPS watch is a great one you can use. You can also track your activity while playing. Also, it comes with over 40,000 world courses that you can choose from.

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it has a very high rating from users. Over 50 golfers rated it 4.3 out of 5 stars, which means they are satisfied with the performance. In fact, 75% of them gave it all and that show how reliable it is.

It is multi-functional because it serves as a round analyzer, measure distance with auto recording for post-round analysis on your Garmin connect account. Approach S2 is Smartphone compatible because it sends instant message and email on your wrist.

Some of the testimonies why we picked this golf GPS watch as the best are that from Ray E, and J.D Heller.

According to J.D Heller, “Garmin S20 is an advanced model of S1. It works a lot better and longer. It is a perfect companion of golfers. My only challenge with this best golf GPS watch is that it uses a specialized or unique charger. What is wrong using a standard USB charger. Is Garmin trying to become Apple?”

Ray E, has this to say “This golf watch is an Amazing tool. It is a golf watch for golfers. I have owned 3 golf watches no one came close to this best golf GPS watch. It easily replaces your scorecard, and helps you understand your shot challenges. The feedback is instant and accurate. I am confident you will really enjoy using this watch as a golfer.

5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Golf GPS Device

Battery Strength

You must read the instruction well to know how long a fully charged battery can take you. Some have a mechanism of saving the battery when not in use while some do not have. Therefore, it is wise to go for one that the battery last long because it saves time and energy of charging


There are lots you can achieve with a single golf GPS device. Such as fitness tracking, the number of hazard and layup distances per hole, auto shot round analyzer and start counting and many more. Therefore, go for the one with multi-functions.


Whether it is handheld or watch depends on your person and course. So you have to know which better suit your game before paying for one. Also, you need to consider the size and weight of the Golf GPS. It is very easy to use when it is portable and lightweight

Best Golf GPS- Wrap Up

This best golf GPS review is specifically designed to give you the best based on a lot of factors. You are not left in dark to make a choice from arrays of golf GPS. So, here you have just the best based on user feedback and other technical qualities.

Above all, they are affordable and durable. Also, you can only buy any of them from Amazon, therefore you are covered with serious buyers protection policy.

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