Best Dog Grooming Clippers For Thick Hair [2020]

Searching for best dog grooming clippers for thick hair? Do you want to take over the trimming and grooming of your companion from the hands of very expensive groomers?  Does your dog have thick hair making it difficult for you to groom it using any type of clipper?

If yes is your answer then you need to use one of these best dog grooming clippers for thick hair that have been tested and approved.

Detailed research shows that there are 5 dog grooming clippers for thick hair that has never failed dog owners over time.

These 5 professional dog grooming clippers have a high score of durability, noise proof, portability, cutting speed, ease of use, and excellent ratings from dog owners.

In fact, the ratings are so high that you are sure of getting the value for your money in any case.

Best Dog Grooming Clippers For Thick Hair – Details

1. Andis ProCLip AGC2

Best Dog Grooming Clippers For Thick Hair

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Andis ProClip is considered the overall best among the entire dog grooming clippers for thick hair on the market today. It has the highest score of quality and durability. It is crafted and designed in the USA, which means it meets the required strength standards for clippers.

The blade is highly resistant to corrosion because it has a chrome finishing. And the special hardening process of the material makes the sharpness of the blade lasts longer than expected.

The versatility of this clipper cannot be compared to any other dog clippers for thick hair on the market. It comes with detachable blades with5-speed, 2-speed, and simple speed options.

The detachable nature of the blade makes it very portable and handy for easy cut. In fact, it can go through any hair, providing smooth cuts at all times.

The ease of use of this clipper is second to none. Do you know you can service and detach the blade without using any tool? You don’t require any special training or skill to understand how to use Andis ProClip AGC2.

With a 120V power, it is perfect for all coats and breeds. This best dog clipper for matted hair has a two-speed rotary motor that provides the performance every dog owner needs.

The length and thickness of the cord are designed to easily go round the dog without any stress. The shatter-proof housing provides the safety the clipper needs to last long.

Unedited Testimonies

As at the time of making research on the best grooming clippers for thick hair, Andis ProClip is Amazon’s choice. This entails that it is highly rated, well priced and readily available for shipment.

Over 500 dog owners rated it 4.0 out of 5 stars, which means they are satisfied with the performance of Andis dog clipper. Statistically, 73% gave it a 5-star rating.  12% rate it 4 stars and the rest gave it 3 stars.

“After a long search, I have gotten the exact dog grooming clipper for thick hair that meets my need.  It easily cuts through any coat with very long-lasting battery capacity. Grooming my dog with this Andi dog clipper makes my day efficient”


  • Comes with detachable blades of different speeds
  • Made of anti-corrosion materials
  • Runs quietly and cool with 120 V
  • Designed for all types of animal


  • It is a heavy
  • The clipper gets hot easily if not properly oiled or lubricated

2. Hansprou Dog Shaver Clipper

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With a strong power motor of 12V, this clipper will cut hair no matter how thick it is. The strength prevents hair sticking and support easy and smooth cut.

This model of Hansprou clipper is listed as one of the best dog grooming clippers for thick hair because it has a high-quality Titanium alloy and ceramic moving blade.

The blades can easily be changed, maintained, and made clean without any stress. Hansprou is a versatile clipper, which means you can use it on all types of animal hair.

Dog owners enjoy the noiseless nature of this dog clipper due to its low vibration design. The working noise of this clipper is 50 dB, and that makes pets feel at easy when cutting or trimming their hair.

Hansprou comes with quite a number of accessories that make working with it very easy. For instance, there are 4 guard combs + 5 levels shift.

The 5 levels shift enables cutting hair of any length and thickness

Every buyer of this dog clipper for thick hair enjoys 2 years warranty, which is an assurance of quality and durability.

Unedited Testimonies

As at the time of writing this best dog grooming clippers for thick hair review, Hansporu clipper has 31 ratings. Overall rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 stars is a clear indication of quality and reliability.

77% of customers rated it 5 stars, while 23% gave it a 4-star rating. This high rating is a strong sign that this really needs to be among the best dog grooming clippers for thick hair available for you today.

“As a beginner in the dog grooming business, I went for a very cheap clipper on Wal-Mart. But I was disappointed with the performance, so I decided to get a new one. After going through online reviews I decided to go for Hansprou dog clipper, and the difference is clear.

This clipper cuts thick fur easily with little or no noise. I so much love the multiple guards for different lengths. The sharpness of the blade last long owing to its ceramic material”


  • It has a very long cord for easy movement
  • Has a metal handle that easily fit the hand
  • Cut fast and noiseless
  • Very affordable
  • Cuts smoothly without pulling hairs
  • It is a lightweight clipper


  • It does not come with a container of bag
  • The adjustment head doesn’t clip secured

3. WAHL Lithium Cordless Animal Clipper

dog clippers for thick hair

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WAHL is a name to reckon with when it comes to best dog grooming clippers that have stand test of time.  This particular brand of WAHL is cordless and rechargeable, which makes it very easy to use.

It is designed for all sizes of pets, and suitable for trimming and touchups. When fully charged, it can last for 2 hours, and recharge very fast for on the go purposes.

Cordless nature increases the convenience of using this clipper. Also, it is a low-noise clipper for grooming and handling of all fur up to double coats for large breeds.

The sharpness of the blade lasts long while providing smooth grooming and pleasant experience for the pet. In fact, WAHL lithium cordless animal clipper comes with self –sharpening precision blades.

WAHL Clipper is a clipper made in the USA for Americans. This means it is for those that seek high quality, and long-lasting dog grooming clippers for thick hair.

With enough accessories such as 11-piece hair trimmer, razor, 4 guide combs, scissors, power cord, oil and cleaning brush the guarantee of having a perfect shave or cut is sure.

Unedited Testimonies

As at the time of reviewing this WAHL clipper, it is an Amazon’s Choice, which means it is highly rated, well priced and very much available for shipment.

There are more than 1300 ratings online. It is averagely rated as 4.0 stars out of 5 stars. 0ver 60% of the customers rated it 5 stars.

According to Michael from Texas, I quote “At a giveaway price of fewer than 50 bucks I am satisfied with the performance of this clipper. When I was making my search on the best dog grooming clippers for thick hair online I thought I need much cash to get the best.

But to my surprise, this clipper gave me all I want to get my dog look cute and good. I will always recommend this WAHL clipper to dog owners searching for affordable dog clippers for thick hair”.


  • Very versatile because it can be used for any type of animal
  • Well-priced
  • Cordless with little or no sound
  • Comes with all the necessary accessories for perfect grooming
  • Get recharged easily for continues work


  • Make a lot of noise when not lubricated well
  • Not designed for long time use

4. Bousnic Dog Clippers

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Bousnic clipper is one of the best dog grooming clippers for thick hair owing to its strength and power. With 2 speed levels and an ultra-sharp blade made of stainless steel and ceramic grooming of pets becomes very easy.

It is a cordless clipper designed to cut any hair be it long, short, light or thick. It comes with a complete set of accessories such as 4 combs of different lengths, a cleaning brush, stainless steel brush, and comb.

Also, it comes with a bottle of oil and a USB cable. Therefore, you have all it takes to have perfect grooming using Bousnic clipper.

The loyalty of pets during grooming largely depends on the quietness and smooth cut of the clipper. Bousnic clippers have very low vibration and noise, which makes the pet feel comfortable and relaxed during the hair cut.

It is an easy to use clipper that comes with a built-in battery that can easily be recharged using the USB cable.  The indicator light tells when the clipper is fully charged for maximum performance.

Unedited Testimony

There is every reason for Bousnic clipper to belong among the best dog clippers for thick hair. Because over 2000 dog owners rated it high as at the time of writing this review. Average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 stars is a clear sign of reliability and value for money.

78% of dog owners that bought this professional dog clipper rated it 5 stars out of 5 stars. This shows they have no reason to complain. In other words, they are highly satisfied with the performance of Bousnic dog clipper.

Fred has this to say “The cutting power of this 2 levels speed clipper is exceptional. With just a cut I have recovered the money I paid for getting this clipper. In fact, I will save a lot over the year because this clipper gives me the desired result.

My only challenge with this clipper is that when fully charged it does not cut more than a dog. I had to recharge again to cut the thick hair of my second dog. Overall, it performs credibly well for me”.


  • Has a very strong cutting speed
  • Comes with complete accessories
  • Very Affordable
  • Cordless and a high score of ease of use
  • Low vibration with less noise


  • Blade gets dull easily
  • Not designed for a very long time trimming. Therefore, those in the grooming business should not go for this.

5. Oneisall Dog Clippers

Best dog grooming clipper for thick hair

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The last but not the least on our list of best dog grooming clippers is the Oneisall dog clipper.  As the name implies, this is one clipper with all features and kits needed by every dog groomer.

It has a very high score of ease of use because it is light in weight with cordless design and portable to work with.

With little vibration and low noise, it becomes a perfect clipper to use on any pet, dogs especially.

The dual charging structure helps users to stop wasting money on buying batteries regularly. It comes with battery and rechargeable ports. The capacity of the battery is 2000mA, which entails that the clipper can last up to 5 hours after fully charged.

Oneisall dog clippers have a built-in intelligent LCD indication. The indicator serves as a reminder to the dog groomer on the status of the clipper’s charge at any given time. In that case, you can never get stopped halfway into your grooming process.

This is considered one of the heavy-duty dog clippers for matted hair because it has a powerful motor. The powerful motor provides amazing cutting power without the hassle of unclogging.

It is efficient for cutting thick hair and has good wear resistance and sound stability that does not snag or pull.

Oneisall dog clipper is a complete dog grooming kit, and that is why it comes with 6 guide combs of different sizes. A charging stand base, cleaning brush, comb, scissors and many more.

Unedited Testimonies

Oneisall dog grooming clipper is one of Amazon’s choices of dog grooming clippers for thick hair. This means that it is highly rated, well priced and readily available for shipment.

Over 200 dog owners agreed that this is one of the best dog grooming clippers for thick hair on sale today.  With a very high rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 stars, it becomes clear the reason one can go for this dog grooming clipper for thick hair.

“I am glad I settled for oneisall. I thought it wouldn’t deliver going by its low price but it gave me the satisfaction every dog groomer will wish for himself.

The speed and smooth cutting feature of these clippers will always attract me to oneisall models of clippers. My only challenge is that it takes much time to get it fully charged”. This is unedited testimony from Josh Lan


  • Cuts fast with speed
  • Comes with an indicator that keeps groomers always on the right track
  • Comes with complete kits for maximum performance
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Affordable


  • Takes up to 3 hours to e fully charged
  • The vibration increases greatly after attachments
  • The clipper blade is not a strong type, therefore does not last as claimed

 How to Use The Dog Clippers Correctly?

There is convincing evidence that most dog owners don’t know how to use the dog clippers correctly. That is why they usually come up with complaints that can be avoided.

Therefore, I deem it fit to guide you on how to use dog grooming clippers for thick hair for maximum performance. Below are the steps:

  • Wash your dog and allow to dry thoroughly
  • Brush the hair thoroughly when dried to get rid of dead, tangled and matted hair
  • Use scissors to cut down the hair, if the dog is a long-haired breed
  • Ensure that the blade is super sharp because it will help in cutting the thick hairs slowly, and cut slowly in the direction of the hair growth.
  • Ensure that the dog is in a stable condition in order to get a smooth cut.

8 Things to Consider When Buying Best Dog Grooming Clippers For Thick Hair

Before paying for any dog grooming clippers, you need to consider these 8 features listed below.  These features are:

  1. Customer reviews and ratings
  2. Motor speed and power
  3. Noise, vibrations, and Heat
  4. Size and weight
  5. Corded or cordless
  6. Blade material
  7. Kits

Let’s dig deep into these features as it relates to best dog grooming clippers for thick hair.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

When buying any product online, the first thing to check is the customer reviews and ratings. This is because they are usually unbiased from the experience of first-hand users.

The higher the rating the more reliable a product is. In fact, never buy any products with customer ratings less than 3.5 stars.

Having said that, all the dog grooming clippers listed above have customer ratings 4.0 stars and above. This means you cannot get wrong with any of the clippers we recommend for you here.

Motor Power

Every clipper is built with a motor that rotates per minute, and measured in RPM. The higher the RPM the smoother and faster the clipper works.

Best dog grooming clippers for thick hair on the market today have well-balanced motor power. And that is why they don’t vibrate excessively and have little or no noise.

In other words, don’t go for dog grooming clippers that have more than 5-speed levels and less than 2-speed levels.

Noise, Vibration, and Heat

High vibration, noise, and heat discomfort the pet during grooming. Therefore, you must go for professional dog grooming clippers that have low vibration and noiseless. And that you can find out via the testimonies or reviews from other dog groomers.

In case the clippers heat up when using then make sure you use the right oil or lubricant as stipulated by the manufacturer.

Size and Weight

The size and weight is a very crucial factor to consider when buying dog clipper. The lighter and portable a clipper is, the more effective it will be because it will have little noise and very low vibration.

Corded and Cordless

This feature depends on the choice of the user. The cordless is very easy to carry about and convenient to get to the hard to reach areas on the body of pets. But on the flip side, you need to buy batteries regularly.  Also, it does not hold power for a very long time.

As per the corded dog clippers, they hold power as long as they are plugged to a source. Therefore, no need for further expenses after purchase.

Blade material

The material the blade is made of determines how long it can last after sharpening. Also, the material also determines if the blade can corrode easily or not. To be on the safe side, clippers with stainless steel blades and ceramic are the best options when buying dog grooming clippers for thick hair.


Getting clippers with right kits such as combs, brushes, scissors and other things helps in getting a great cut at any given time.

Best Dog Grooming Clippers For Thick Hair –wrap Up

With this post, it is obvious you have known what it takes to buy professional dog grooming clippers.

In fact, you need not look further for a dog clipper for thick hair because the ones on our list were carefully selected from hundreds of brands on the market today.

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