Best Dog GPS Tracker [2020]- The Best Today

As a dog lover and owner, it is obvious you will like to go with people’s choice when it comes to the best dog GPS tracker. There are hundreds of dog GPS trackers on Amazon, which makes picking the best among them a difficult task.

But after several hours of detailed research and analysis, we came to the conclusion that the people’s choice is Whistle3 GPS pet tracker and activity monitor

best dog gps tracker

It is a real-time GPS tracker for a pet because you get instant text, APP or email notification when your dog leaves your home.

Whistle 3 uses advanced GPS and cellular technology to pinpoint your dog’s location anywhere in the U.S. on AT&T, which is American’s largest network. More on Whistle 3 below.

Other dog GPS trackers that made the list are:

Let’s take a deep review on each of the best dog GPS trackers listed above.

Best Dog GPS Tracker

1.  Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker And Activity Monitor

As earlier discussed above, whistle 3 GPS pet tracker remains the best dog GPS tracker because it really delivers in the monitoring of dogs at every given time. As at the time of writing this review, it has over 4000 customer reviews online.

best dog gps tracker

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It has a high rating of 4.0 stars out of 5 stars, which is a strong sign of customers’ satisfaction. In fact, it is Amazon’s choice for customers, which means it is highly rated and well priced and available for instant shipping.

To be precise, over 70% of the customers gave it all by rating it a 5-star dog GPS tracker

It has a very wide coverage. It has a nationwide tracking ability. Therefore, you rest assured that your pet must be safe as long as it is within your country of residence.

You will enjoy the real-time performance of this tracker because it delivers an instant message on the position of your pet at any given time through text message, APP or email notification.

Research shows that most dog owners love the health insight report of this dog GPS tracker.  You will get the real health report on how your dog is coping with age and weight. This is because it tracks your dog 24/7

Another great feature of this tracker is the long lasting ability of the battery. You need not worry about battery life for 7 days after each full charge.

It is built to last that is why it is a fully waterproof device. This means your pet is safe no matter the weather condition. In fact, your dog can swim easily with this best dog GPS tracker without missing a location report.

Above all, you can start a low monthly subscription of $6/mo and it goes with any collar or harness up to 1” wide.


Only use whistle 3 GPS tracker for a dog on a dog that is up to 8lb and above.

2.  Eureka Tech MARCOPOLO (No Monthly Fee And Network)

Eureka Technology Marcopolo GPS tracker is an advanced pet guide that works anywhere. There is no barrier to where and when you will use this tracker because you don’t need a cell network or GPS to get it to work.

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It is very easy to set it up. With just a button push you can start tracking your dog. Also, it provides real-time distance and direction report.

The shipping weight of this best dog GPS tracker is just 1 pound, which makes it a very lightweight GPS dog tracker. Therefore, you can use it on any dog regardless of age, size, and weight.

It is very durable because your pet can have a prolonged swimming period with this tracker without it getting faulty.

If you are such a person that likes traveling to the remotest part of the world with your dog, then this tracker is your best choice. Because you don’t need a cellular network to track your pet.

The greatest feature of this pet GPS tracker is that you need no monthly subscription to get it working. In fact, you will save hundreds of dollars from a monthly subscription.

After a single charge of the battery, it can serve you for up to 6 weeks. This means it has a very long lasting battery life.

The coverage capacity of this tracker is up to 2 miles. It has the signal strength of scanning of interiors of homes and backyards.

Like other dog GPS trackers, you can set this tracker to cover a specific area. This means that you will get an instant report whenever it goes outside your coverage area.

As at the time of writing this post, Eureka GPS tracker has over 60 reviews online. And has a very high rating of 4.0 stars out of 5 stars, which show we are right to include it on our list.

3.  goTele GPS Tracker (No Monthly Fee And Network)

During our research on the best dog GPS tracker, we found that goTele GPS tracker has over 105 customer reviews online. Users’ were satisfied with the performance of goTele, which is why they rated it so high.

best dog GPS tracker

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In fact, it has a star rating of 4.0. Over 75% of the customers rated it 5 stars. This is a clear sign of reliability from the customers.

goTele is a GPS tracker that you can use at any part and at any time because its workability does not depend on the network.  Therefore, there is no monthly subscription, and no SIM card required to use this tracker.

You will enjoy the real-time report feature of this device. Also, you can set it to track your dog within the desired range (Geo Fencing)

It is a durable GPS tracker because it is a waterproof, dustproof and shockproof device. This means it can last longer than you can imagine. If you are considering going for camping, hiking or traveling to a very remote area with your dog, then you need goTele.

It is compatible with ios and Android devices. This tracker is one of the simplest trackers to use. Yet we encourage you to go through the manual thoroughly before using it.

4.  PetFinder GPS Tracker by Webondinc

This is a new dog GPS tracker in the market with just a few reviews, and it is restricted only to T-mobile customers. It did not make this list of best dog GPS trackers based on customer reviews, rather we took a deep look into basic features to consider.

best dog GPS tracker

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Our study shows that it is almost 100% accurate in identifying the position of your pet at any given time.  It has a high factor of durability because it is a full waterproof tracking device, and with swim pet collar.

Once you go for this petfinder GPS tracker you will never spend again on a monthly subscription. All you need is to recharge a SIM card that will be given to you free by Webondinc on their website.

It works best with a 2G network with nationwide coverage.  In fact, you have the opportunity of communicating with your dog even from a distance.

It is very easy to set up as long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Though, there are complaints about the language it comes with. But the fact remains that once you download the App, it is very easy to change the language to English.

So far, it is highly rated by a few customers. It has a full 5-star rating by the 3 people that have used it. And their unedited testimonies show that it worth buying.

The shortcoming of this dog GPS tracker is that it has very low battery life. Yes, a full charge battery lasts just 2 to 3 days, which is not ideal for a very busy dog owner.

5.  Findster Duo + Pet Tracker (No Monthly Subscription)

This is one of the pet GPS trackers that knows no boundary, this means that you can use it anywhere because it did not require SIM card or cell coverage to function. In addition, you don’t need to subscribe monthly to get it functional.

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You will enjoy the real-time report of this best dog GPS tracker. As soon as your dog leaves a specified area you will receive an instant alert as to that. This means that the GEO Fencing feature of this tracker is perfect. It also serves as a pet activity monitor.

You can track your pet to a distance of 5 miles in urban areas, and up to 3 miles in an outdoor area.  The durability of this tracker’s battery largely depends on the usage. If you leave the GPS on all through then it will last for just 12 hours.

But with proper management, you can extend the battery life up to 3 days from the day you charge it.

There is no restriction to where you can track your dog using Findster Duo pet tracker. It works in every country because it doesn’t require any cellular network to perform.

6.   SportDog Brand TEK Series GPS Tracking System

This is the best dog GPS tracker made in the U.S for the U.S. Every report about your dog that you need at any given time is found on the screen of the handheld device it came with.

best pet gps tracker

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You can track the position and activities of your dog up to 10 miles away from your position. It has a very wide coverage compared to other pet GPS trackers.

It is one of the most accurate GPS trackers to use because its location system uses GPS satellite, no cell service. And that is why it can track your pet up to 10 miles away.

The complete system is designed to last because they are both waterproof and submersible, as well as rechargeable.  Unlike other dog GPS tracker, you can track up to 12 dogs with this tracker as long as you have the collars.

The tech behind this device is so advanced that you can track the performance of each dog accordingly.

The only problem with SportDog Brand GPS tracker is the battery system. It takes for hours to charge the GPS battery that can last for just 24 hours. Also, it takes 2 hours to charge the handheld device, which will last only for 20 hours.

So, if you are a very busy person then this pet tracking device is not for you. But if precision and a wider range of coverage are all you want, then SportDog brand is all you need.

7.  Tractive 3G Dog Tracker

If you are on a tight budget and searching for the best dog GPS tracker that can guarantee the safety of your dog then tractive 3g dog GPS tracker is all you need to go for.

Best dog gps tracker

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Our research shows that this GPS tracker is effective like other highly priced GPS but does not withstand the test of time. It is very fragile, which means it can easily go bad.

You can pinpoint the exact location and position of your dog easily using this affordable GPS tracker. This GPS has GEO Fencing feature, which means you can set it to track your dog at the specified region.

Another great feature of this very affordable Dog GPS tracker is that it has no limit to the range it can track your dog.

7 Things to Consider When Buying a Pet GPS Tracker

We did our selection of best dog GPS trackers found above based on the factor listed below. It is important to know why they are the best on the market. The 7 things we considered are:

  • Customer Reviews
  • Cost of maintenance
  • Battery Life
  • Accuracy
  • Activity tracking
  • Real-time report
  • Geo-Fencing

The fact remains that all the Dog GPS trackers we have here have a very high score of the feature we looked into. Let’s take a deep look into each of the factors we considered.

Customer Reviews

Considering the experience of other users should be paramount when buying any product online. This is because customer reviews are usually unbiased. Products with many positive reviews and a high rating are a sign of satisfaction from the users.

In view of that, all the dog GPS trackers above have a very high rating from other dog owners like you. In fact, the list rated among them is the 3.5 star, which is also a perfect rating.

Battery Life

In some cases, your pet may wander when the GPS battery is down, which makes it practically impossible to connect. Therefore, you need to go for a GPS tracker that has a long lasting battery life of at least 3 days. Also, you need to consider how quick the battery charges because it will be unwise going for GPS trackers that take over 6 hours to get its battery fully charged.


The accuracy of a GPS tracker is its ability to pinpoint the exact position of your pet at any given time. Though all the trackers we examined online claimed to have a high score of this feature. However, the only way to get this right before buying is going through customer reviews

Activity Tracking

This feature is not compulsory but it is helpful if you can monitor your pet activity. In fact, this feature reveals to you the activeness of your pet. It helps the dog owner identify easily when their dog may be having a health challenge. This is because dogs’ activities drop greatly when an attack by a health problem.

Cost of Maintenance

Unless otherwise, it is usually advised you go for a dog GPS tracker that does not require any monthly subscription. If you must go for one with a monthly subscription, then you must go for those ones with very affordable monthly subscription rate.

Real Time Report

How fast can you get the report of your pet’s way about? The faster the better. Therefore, go for GPS trackers that can give you an almost instant report. Any delay will always affect your performance more especially if you are searching for it.

Also, consider going for a GPS tracking device that has multiple means of delivering reports such as through App, email notification and many more.


With a GPS tracker, you should be able to set a particular area your dog shouldn’t cross. That feature in a tracker is known as geo-fencing. So, always go for one that will enable you to regulate your dog position.

In addition, you should also consider going for a tracker that has a wide range of coverage.

Best Dog GPS Tracker – Wrap UP

Obviously, before you are the set of best GPS trackers that have been tested and approved by thousands of customer. They all have very customer rating, which shows that they are really the best on the market today.

The safety of your dog is as good as your safety; therefore you should always go for the best for it. Though there are 7 listed above, our top pick is Whistle 3 GPS tracker as the best dog GPS tracker.

But when it comes to dog GPS tracker that has no monthly subscription then  Eureka Tech and goTele GPS trackers Are good options.

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