Best Circular Saw [2020] – Electric, Cordless, Buyers Guide and Safety Tips

After detailed online research, we realized that the best circular saw according to reviews from other DIYers and professional craftsmen and alike is Makita SP6000j 6-1/2 inch plunge circular saw

best circular saw

As at the time of writing this report, Makita SP6000J has over 300 customer reviews online. And it is highly rated as 4.4 stars circular saw. This high rating is a strong sign of users’ satisfaction.

Technically, it is designed for a perfect cut and can be used for different applications. It is a lightweight, and very easy to use saw. Other highly rated saws are found below.

Best Cordless Circular Saw

in case you are interested in the best cordless circular saw, then the people’s choice is DEWALT DCS 570B 7-1/4” 20V Cordless circular saw. Followed by Mikata XHS06Z 18V 7-1/4” saw.

These two cordless saws are the most highly rated and generally accepted by craftsmen and DIYers. They are technically exceptional, which is why they are preferred to others. Detailed reviews by customers are found below.

Other highly rated circular saws that made our list are:

  • DEWALT DCS391B 20- Volt Circular Saw
  • Bosch CSS 120 –Volt 7-1/4 inch circular saw
  • SKILSAW SPT77 WML-01 7-1/4 inch Circular saw
  • Milwaukee 2730 -20  M18 circular saw
  • TackleLife Circular Saw

You can’t go wrong with any of the best circular saws found here because they are all approved by your fellow woodworkers. Let’s take a deep look into the specifications, functions, and performance of each of the circular saws listed above.

Best Circular Saw Reviews

1. Makita SP6000j 6-1/2 inch

Makita Sp6000J circular saw tops our list because it is a very high performing saw. It has 12.0 motor, which made it suitable for a wide variety of materials.  The precision accurate cutting delivers a splinter-free mirror finish.

best circular saw

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It has a variable speed control dial ranging between 2000 and 5,200RPM, and that will enable you to match the speed to the application.

It is a durable machine and can’t easily get burnout because it has a built-in current limiter. This model of Makita has a high score of ease- of- use, which is why it very easy to start and operate. You will equally enjoy the large cutting capacity of this saw.

Rating by Feature

Accuracy……………………4.6 stars

Lightweight………………..4.3 stars

Ease of use…………………4.2 stars

This best circular saw is ideal for both beginners and professionals because of how easy it is to operate and how excellent its performance is.

As the time of writing this review, over 300 woodworkers and carpenters like you rated Makita SP6000J high as a 4.4-star machine. In fact, over 80% of them gave it all by rating it a 5-star cutting machine.

Unedited Testimonies

Some of the unedited testimonies found online are a real sign that this is really the best among equals. Let’s take a look at testimony from one of the users’:

Mr. G corner has this to say “This is my longest serving machine. I have used it for 7 years without any complaint. I got delivery of it in a perfect adjustment, and I adjusted it for square, and it has remained like that.

It has a good dust collection system. Though there is room for improving it by taping the side hole closed. Also, the blade is somehow exposed at the left side of the machine.

I made my money back in the first summer considering the number of jobs I did with it. I was just faster, easier with less dust and hassles. This is a perfect alternative to my table saw.

My jobs are always neat because I got a perfect cut with this machine. It has plenty of power when cutting plywood or 6/4 solid timber. Cutting of hardwood is slower but cleanly done.

Generally, this is a very reliable track guide saw, which has lived up to my expectation. I read so many reviews online; before I decide buying it and I have no regret because it really meant the described qualities.

So, if you are interested in buying a circular saw with high performance and durability don’t hesitate to go for Makita SP 6000J. The price is on the high side but the reward cannot be quantified”


.If you are a beginner or armature craftsman, you may not achieve straight cutting with this saw because it requires good operational knowledge from you.

2.  DEWALT DCS391B 20 -Volt Circular Saw

Dewalt is a name to reckon with when it comes to working tools. Therefore, there are so many reasons Dewalt DCS391B is counted among the best circular saws on the market.  It is a very powerful machine that operates at 460 MWO and uses a motor of 5,200 RPM

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It is a lightweight machine with high strength of proving job site durability for long term cut. You will enjoy the maximum comfort of working with this machine because it has optimized rubber over molded grip, which gives it much needed balance and control.

This best circular saw has the capacity of bevel cutting between 0 and 50 degrees, and it comes with 6.5-inch circular saw and 6-5 inch carbide –tipped blade for cutting 2 times material at 90” and 45”

As at the time of writing this DEWALT DCS391 review, it has over 600 customer reviews online. It has a high rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 stars. 80% of the customers have no reason to complain about it, which is why they gave it as a 5-star cutting machine.

The manufacture’s guarantee is one of the major reason you will know that this cutting tool is worth buying. For instance, you have 90 days money back guarantee. This means that if for any reasons you did not like anything about the machine then you will get a full refund unconditionally.

Also, you will enjoy 3 years of the limited warranty and 1-year free service. This is really a reliable and best circular saw to go for.

Unedited Testimonies

APRoush is one of those customers that rated it 5-star and he has this to say “This is a great kit.  This is really circular saw for a beginner like me. I went for it after a senior colleague of mine recommended it for me.

I enjoyed excellent cutting speed and accuracy. Everything about it is superb except for the battery.  I recommend you buy a 5 or 6 Amp hour battery because it will last longer than the one it came with.”

Another verified customer by name Steve has this to say “ I simply adore this saw. I have used this saw severally since I bought it. I never knew life could be made so easy with this saw.

Though I am not so surprised because DEWALT has been my favorite and they have been consistent in their design. I will only advise that you don’t leave the battery on the unit when not in use”.

3. Bosch CS5 120 V 7-1/4- Inch Saw

If you are always engaged in simple jobs then Bosch CS5 120 V is your best option. It is durable as long as you don’t use it for heavy jobs.

Best Circular saw

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The left blade design is to make sure you do not look over the top of the saw and blade to see where you are cutting. In this case, your eye is on the left side and the blade guide is on the left, which makes it safe working with it.

You will enjoy the speed of cutting lighter woods or plywood because of the presence of a 15 AMP motor.

During our online research on the best circular saw for beginners, Bosch CS5 120V has a 3.8-star rating by over 200 customers. 60% of the customers have zero regrets of buying it, which is why they rate it a full 5-star cutting device. While 9% of the customers weren’t happy with their purchase.

As usual, we paid attention to the complaint of the 9% of the customers and found out that they all have almost the same complain. They claimed that after several jobs the brushes burned out.

In addition, some claimed that the motor burnout easily. But the reality is that this machine is not meant for heavy jobs. Also, it is not a machine to be used on a daily basis. Therefore, if you are a heavy job doer then stay away for this model of Bosch circular saw.

Unedited Testimonies And Challenges

Some testimonies we found online from those that enjoyed using this saw are:

Leon Paz a verified customer has this to say “Oh man I am lucky to have bought this saw. It works great. Let me start with the power. Lot of it and it is built for maximum comfort.

It is heavy enough to guide you have a straight cut and light enough to let you handle it comfortably. Everything about this machine is perfect except for the dust.

There is no proper design for a vacuum hose to stop the dust from blinding the user from point of work. But if you are a left-hander person you will not experience the dust problem because it is well guided for the left-handed craftsman.

Another customer who enjoyed everything about this saw has this to say “The ease of use of this best circular machine is what I cherished most. I bought it when I was planning to put together a photo booth.

I used the saw to do rip cuts and other assorted cuts of plywood, 2×4, 1×1 and other pieces of wood. Obviously, this saw can essentially replace a table saw and miter saw for simpler jobs”.


SKILSAW SPT77 WML is Amazon’s best choice for woodworkers and carpenters that need lightweight and worm drive circular saw. This means that it is highly rated, well-priced and readily available for instant shipping.

best circular saw for beginners

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As at the time of writing this best circular saw review, SKILSAW SPT77WML has over 200 customer reviews online. It has an average rating of 4.5 stars, and 81% of the users’ have no regret buying it, which is why they gave it a 5-star rating.

You can’t get stressed up using this machine because it is a very lightweight machine. Also, you can cut up to 53-degree bevel, which means you can have a variety of cuts with it.

It is powered by the best-in-class dual field motor, which is a 15 AMP, and the saw is designed to keep the motor cool during work.

Safety is paramount that is why it comes with anti-snag lower guard that protects the blade when not in use and won’t snag while cutting thinner material.

Unedited Testimonies and Challenges

These are testimonies from verified customers that find joy in using this best circular saw.

Mr. Paul Krause says this “My inspiration to buy this cutting machine came after watching a video on Essential Craftsman Youtube channel. The video was so detailed that it revealed all you need to use this device.

I bought it with confidence and was not disappointed at all. I have been enjoying working with this saw with no complaints so far”.

Another customer the person of Thomas G has this said “I have been using a worm-drive saw for about 35 years. What I love most about worm-drive saws is the power transfer you get from it.

As an old man, I am today, I can no longer carry mine around. Therefore I went online searching for a very lightweight circular saw, and SKILSAW was what I found.

In general, it is a nice saw, very portable and easy to work with. But my challenge is that the saw is constructed of not a powerful motor is you think. It has the feel and control of my old saw.

It is obvious that this saw will outlast me. So, I am preparing to hand it over to one of my grandsons.

5. TACKLIFE Circular Saw With Metal Handle

TACKLIFE circular saw is the most affordable cutting machine among the best circular saws on the market today. That it is cheap does not in any way affect its performance and reliability.

best circular saw 2019

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The only challenge with this saw is that it is not durable and cannot be used for heavy jobs. It can only last if you use it in carrying out a simple task that does not require much force.

The metal handle enables a firm grip, which helps in holding to saw a straight and perfect cut. It has a very high score of ease of use. You can quickly install and disassemble by rotating the handle without any auxiliary tool.

With a copper motor of just 5.8 AMP that runs at 3500rpm, you can easily cut plastics, PVC pipe, plasterboard, and tiles with this machine.

Bevel cutting is made easy using this cutting machine. You can bevel cut at angle 45 and 90 degrees. You can set the required depth you need cut using the depth scale gauge.

TACKLIFE circular saw has a powerful safety design. It comes with double protection switch that prevents the machine from sudden opening, and deliver a safe job moment.

As at the time reviewing TACKLIFE, it has over 240 customer reviews online. And highly rated as 4.4 stars out of 5 stars machine. 70% of the customers love everything about this saw, which is why they gave it all by rating it 5 stars.

Above all, you will enjoy a 2-year warranty from the day of purchase.

Unedited Testimonies and Challenges

Sonia is a verified purchaser and has this to say “I am happy I bought this little multi-purpose saw. I was working on a planter project and needed something small and strong to complete it. After going through so many positive reviews about TACKLIFE saw, decided to give it a shot, and that was all I was looking for.

It has an edge guide, rotates 45 deg, laser guide, attachment for a vacuum, and lots of convenient features.

The only problem with this saw is that you need to exert all your strength in gripping it in order to achieve a straight and perfect cut.

Another customer addressed as John Crowder says this “Because I was on a tight budget, I had to go for TACKLIFE Saw. And I never regretted it because I have been enjoying my minor jobs with it. I never expected to do big jobs with it going by the size of the motor.

It is very affordable and reliable as long as you can follow the manufacturer’s instructions. You stand to enjoy the ease of use of this cutting machine.

Best Cordless Circular Saw

1. DEWALT DCS570B 7-1/4″ (184mm) 20V Cordless Circular Saw with Brake

This model of DEWALT cordless circular saw is considered most powerful because it uses a brushless motor that provides 5200rpm and maintains speed under load.

best cordless circular saw

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The blade capacity is 7-1/4” and can cut up to 2-9/16” depth. With a high score of ease of use, even a beginner can enjoy using this tool.

During our research on the best cordless circular saw, DEWALT DCS570B has over 120 customer reviews online. And it has a very high rating of 4.7 stars out of 5. The high rating is a strong indication of reliability, durability, and performance.

In fact, it is Amazon’s choice for potential buyers. This means that it is highly rated, well-priced and readily available for instant shipping.


DEWALT DCS570B does not come with a battery and a charger. Therefore you need to buy a battery and charger separately. And that increases the cost of buying it. Any 20V battery can serve you, irrespective of the make.

2. Makita XSH06Z 18V X2 Cordless 7-1/4” Circular Saw

Talk of power then talk of Makita XSH062 cordless circular saw. It is powered by two 18  LXT batteries, which delivers more power, speed and run time.

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The motor is electronically controlled that delivers 6000 rpm for maximum performance and 50% longer run time per charge.

Brushless technology eliminates carbon brushes. That is why the machine can run cooler and more efficiently for longer life.

You will enjoy the automatic speed change technology of this best circular saw because it adjusts the cutting speed and torque for maximum performance.

Your safety is guaranteed while working with this machine because it has an electronic brake that works perfectly. Also, it has an extreme protection technology for improved dust and water resistance for operation in harsh conditions.

With the customer rating of 4.7 stars as at the time of reviewing Makita XSH06Z, it is obvious you will enjoy the efficiency of this working tool.

In fact, 80% of the customers have no reason to complain, which is why they rated it 5 stars.

3. Milwaukee 2730-20 M18 Brushless Circular Saw(Cordless)

Milwaukee 2730 -20 M18 is where technology meets speed. Yes, this saw is the fastest in its class.  A technical test reveals that this saw cuts 30% faster, 2X more runtime, and 3X longer tool life than other saws of its class.

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The brushless motor gave it power than every other 18V circular saw on the market. This means you can do more heavy jobs with this cutting machine.

The saw REDLINK PLUS Intelligence ensures optimized performance and protection from overloading, overheating and over-discharging.

The 18-volt lithium-ion circular saw guards and shoe are built of cast magnesium to provide a durable, lightweight base. The saw also features an integrated LED light and a rafter hook for convenient storage on the job. The saw includes a blade wrench and a blade.

As at the time of writing this review, Milwaukee 2730-20 M18 has over 100 customer reviews online. It is highly rated because the average star rating is 4.3 out of 5.

In fact, 72% of the customers have no reason to regret buying this cutting too. That is they gave it by rating it 5 stars. Obviously, you can’t go wrong if you go for this best circular saw.

Unedited Testimonies and Challenges: 

According to Mr. Remco W, “It is a very nice saw. I would have rated it 5 stars but decided to give it 4 stars. This is because the Allen key for changing the blades is stored inside the handle but fails out when you hold the machine sideways. What a stupid reasoning.

I have to put a zip tie around the handle and across the key, having enough slack so the zip tie can move enough and the key can be taken out easily.

Generally, is a very lightweight machine even with the battery installed, and the adjustment is very easy.

The speed is a very great advantage because I cut some pressure treated lumber without any problem.

Trevor Reed is another customer that had a good time using this saw. In his words “coming from 18V porter cable saw to Milwaukee is just day and night. My first cut with this machine was awesome. one crosscut at full depth in Texas Live Oak and one rip cut in the same Live Oak slab without the tool even bogging down.

The base is solidly made, the adjustments are easy and the guides are spot on right out of the box. I am glad I made the decision of going for this saw. If you have been struggling with other 18 V cordless machine then give this a try.

My only challenge with this too is that the blade guard is too close to the cutting deck. When the guard pushes against the lumber it does not slide down.

7 Things to Consider Before Buying a Circular Saw

Below are the 7 things we considered before presenting to you these saws as the best on the market:

  • Customer Reviews and Ratings
  • Blade size
  • Ease of use
  • Durability
  • Power
  • Weight
  • Extra Feature

Let’s take a deep look into the features mentioned above.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Customer reviews and ratings are paramount whenever you consider buying any product online. This is because customer opinions are unbiased. Also, the ratings determine if it worth buying or not.

A high rating is a clear indication of customers’ satisfaction, while poor rating indicates that the product doesn’t worth your money. As a rule of thumb don’t ever go for a product that has less than 3.5 stars rating.

In line with this fact, all the circular saws listed above have a very high rating of 4.0 and above. In fact, they all have very good positive reviews from 1000s of craftsmen and woodworker like you. So you can’t go wrong if you base your buying decision on this.

Blade Size

Different models of circular saws come with different size of blades. The size of the blade determines how deep a cut can be. But that does not determine the speed of cut. Also, the size of the saw determine where to use it.

For instance, if you are buying a full-size saw, you should not go for anyone with a blade less than 7 -¼ “

Ease of Use

The ease at which you can couple and disassemble your saw matters a lot. Also, the ease at which you can adjust your blade, cutting speed, and a guard is a very important factor you should consider.

Most times you cannot determine this by mainly looking at the saw. The only way to know this is by going through reviews writing by users online, and that is our major basis of making selection.


The durability of any tool depends on the material used in making the machine. Then usability or how you handle it equally determines how long it can last. Those saws made of high-speed steel and magnesium are built to last long.

In addition, you must practice good maintenance culture if you want your cutting device to last long.


High power means easy to cut and high performance. The power of a circular saw depends on the strength of the motor for a cored saw and battery for a cordless saw. Therefore, if you need a saw with much power then the motor rating shouldn’t e less than 12.0 AMP.

As for the cordless, don’t go for the saw that uses a battery that is less than 20V. Unless if your target from the onset is to buy a small machine for lighter jobs.


This feature has been generating controversy over time. What customer A sees as a heavyweight could be a lightweight for customer B. Therefore, this depends on individual strength.

But the fact remains that if you work with a lightweight saw, you will not tire out easily. So, it is up to you make a choice on the weight you can carry.

Going by the manufacturers’ specifications and customers reviews, all the best circular saw listed above are lightweight saw.

Extra Features

Apart from features mentioned above, circular saws should have extra features such as laser sight and LED light make cutting through the line very easy. Also, the presence of a blower or vacuum to handle the dust is needed. A low battery indicator is also essential if you are using a cordless circular saw. Above all, still, check if the machine has the auto breaking of the blade because it reduces the risk of working with it.

Safety Tips for Using A Circular Saw

The only guarantee you have to work for a very long time in your life is by observing safety rules. Therefore, safety is paramount in every facet of life you find yourself.

According to the Canadian center for occupational health and safety, there are 3 types of safety you must observe. The first is your safety before start cutting and your safety while working and safety on what to avoid when cutting with a circular saw.

Let us consider the safety measures you need to observe when working with a circular saw at every stage.

Safety Measures Before Start Cutting

  • Make sure you wear safety glasses or goggles to avoid dust particles entering your eyes
  • Wear a certified respirator or dust mask to avoid toxic particles from dust
  • Make sure you protect your ear by using a proper hearing protection equipment
  • Ensure that the retracting lower blade guard works freely
  • Ensure that the blade is sharp to avoid overstressing yourself
  • Set the blade depth and lock it while the saw is not plugged to a source of power
  • Ensure that the cords are off the cutting area
  • Make sure you use the right-sided saw. If you are left-hander use left-handed saw and if you are right-hander use right handed saw.

Safety Measures During Cutting

  • Take off the machine from the power source before adjusting a blade or changing it
  • Allow the saw to reach its full power before engaging it to avoid kickback
  • Always use two hands to operate your saw. One hand on the front knob one on the trigger switch.
  • Ensure you secure the stock you are cutting to avoid sharp movement to your direction
  • Maintain a steady cut at each point.

Don’ts of Using a Circular Saw

  • Never you hold or force the retracting lower guard in an open position
  • Don’t ever place your hand under the shoe or guard of the saw
  • Never over tighten the blade locking nut
  • Don’t check the alignment or change the blade when the saw is twisted. Keep the machine in the proper position before checking.
  • Don’t ever rip a stock without using a wedge or guide clamped or nailed to the stock
  • Don’t cut through any material without first checking for any obstruction such as nail or screw
  • Never use a circular saw that vibrates or appear unsafe in any way
  • Don’t stand casually while working. Therefore, make sure you maintain proper balance and distance from the tool

Best Circular Saw – Wrap Up

Obviously, from this post, you can confidently pick a saw as the best circular saw based on so many factors. We have done the job of making detailed research on the durability, reliability, safety measures, and customer reviews of most top rated circular saws on the market today.

Therefore, you can’t go wrong with any of the best circular saws above. In addition, you have the facts on the safety measures you need to take as a craftsman using a circular saw.  In fact, we highlighted the don’ts of using a saw.

Finally, everything you need to know about the best circular saw is here for you.


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