Best Chicco Jogging stroller Reviews (2020)

Without any doubt, the demand for Chicco jogging strollers is on the rise. Yet most parents find it difficult to choose the best Chicco jogging stroller for their babies. Hence the need for this best Chicco jogging stroller reviews.

chicco jogging strollers found on this list are based on basic features a good and quality stroller must possess such as Maneuverability, functionality, ease of use, durability, affordability, run-ability, weight and fold size, sufficient suspension, and wheel Brake.

In addition, these selections are based on testimonies from online buyers who have purchased and used them. Therefore, all Chicco jogging strollers found here are users’ top pick.

Also, to make an informed buying decision, you must know what to look out for in a stroller. Therefore, below is the list of basic feature a quality jogging stroller must possess.

7 Things to Consider When Buying Jogging Stroller


This is the ease at which mothers or parents make their way into tight corners, bump, sandy roads, moody and rough surfaced roads with a stroller. Chico strollers are known for high maneuverability because they are lightweight strollers. They can be easily pushed and steered to any direction without having any effect on the health of babies or mothers.


The safety of babies is paramount when using a stroller. The functionality of a jogging stroller ensures that the baby is well clipped and balanced in the stroller. No matter how rough the road may be the baby need to be calm and relaxed without feeling the shock on his or her body.  Therefore, Chicco jogging strollers have a high suspension that absorbs the shock while the baby enjoys his or her ride from the mother or father.

Ease to use:

Every Chicco jogging stroller has an easy to follow manuals that help buyers assemble a stroller with ease. In fact, most testimonies show that it takes less than 20 minutes to assemble a Chicco jogging stroller. They are easy to maintain because they are not complex structures. Mothers can adjust the canopies, lock and unlock the tires, fold and unfold with ease. Ease to use is one of the reasons the demand for Chicco jogging stroller is on the rise.


By manufacturer’s standard, no Chicco jogging stroller is expected to last less than 36 months. Therefore, careful parents are expected to use Chicco jogging stroller as long as they can.


Most Chicco jogging strollers are referred to all terrain strollers. Therefore there is no restriction to where and how you can use Chicco strollers. They are universal jogging strollers or multi-purpose jogging strollers, which is one of the reasons most parents go for it.


This is the last on the list but the most essential factor why you must go for any of the Chicco jogging strollers found above. With a perfect brake system, sparkling parking light, sufficient suspension, and conveniences such as smartphone holder, cup holder, diaper basket and trays, you have every reason to go for Chicco jogging stroller. In fact, the ease to control and the high safety factor of Chicco jogging strollers are what makes them exceptional.

Above all, they are portable, compact and travel-friendly


Irrespective of how reliable and good Chicco jogging strollers are, they go for less $400. In fact, with less than $200 you can get a quality and durable Chicco jogging stroller that will cater for your family growing needs. So, you have no reason not to enjoy parenting with Chicco stroller.

Let’s take a deep look into individual Chicco jogging strollers that are considered the best.

1.Chicco TRE  Jogging Stroller


As at the time of filling this review, Chicco TRE performance jogging stroller has been reviewed by over 65 happy users. Little wonder it is the Amazon’s best seller. It is a utility stroller because it has a high score of every feature of a good jogging stroller. This Chicco jogging stroller is the buyers’ top pick because it is designed for all type of terrains. The comfort and safety of the babies are of very much important, which is why it has an adjustable shock absorber. The brake system is so powerful because there is a knob that enables the locking of the whole tires when stationary.


Buyers’ Like:
  • Accepts all Chicco KeyFit and KeyFit 30 infant car seats with an integrated removable arm bar
  • The child seat removes easily to create a frame carrier for the KeyFit during the first 6 months
  • Pneumatic tires, 12″ front and 16″ rear spoked wheels
  • Hand-activated parking brake and deceleration brake, allow for better speed control and prevents unintended interference with foot brake while running
  • Push handle with four height positions for a customized fit
  • Fully assembled weight: 28.5 lbs
Buyers’ Dislike:
  • Bulky and weighty
  • Brake system usually develops a fault after some months. But that depends on usage
  • Unresponsive customer care

2. Chicco Viaro Stroller

Chicco Viaro stroller is the best lightweight stroller designed by Chicco. It is great for quick and compact travel and storage. It has high maneuverability owing to its light weight. We placed it second on the list because it has low functionality. There is no much suspension and adjustable shock absorber. Therefore, babies are not completely safe from the shock encounter when using this Chicco jogging stroller model on a rough surface. Above all, babies are completely protected from sun rays owing to a large adjustable canopy. The storage facilities are great for moms during jogging or strolling.


Buyers’ Likes:
  • Rides so smoothly
  • Easy to push and maneuver
  • Can fold the stroller with one hand
  • Sunshade goes forward all the way
  • Front access to the basket
  • Perfect iPhone slot holder
Buyers Dislike:
  • It doesn’t lock in the folded position
  • It has a small wheel size, which is why  babies feel the shock

3. Chicco Tre Stroller

Chicco Tre Stroller

Chicco Tre stroller is yet another good Chicco jogging stroller for a growing family. Over 80% of the users rated it 5- star jogging stroller. It is placed third on the list because it a bit pricey compared to other Chicco jogging strollers in the market. The parts and bearing are solidly fixed, which is why it has a high durability score. The easy to use score is also high because it only takes a couple of minutes to assemble the stroller. As with other Chicco jogging strollers, it equally has high functionality and maneuverability.


Buyers’ Like:
  • It folds up very compactly considering its size. The folding mechanism is easy to use and can be operated with one hand.
  • The brake and parking brake are super handy – no worrying about the stroller rolling or picking up too much speed on hills
  • The tires are easy to inflate and hold air well.
  • The parent tray isn’t large, but it can fit phones, keys, and little one’s pacifier, which is ideal for a good stroller
  • The suspension is adjustable and works like a charm
  • Chicco Keyfit 30 car seat snaps in and out very easily.
  • The stroller rolls smoothly and isn’t cumbersome to run with.
Buyers’ Dislike
  • Tires squeak after 12 months of usage, though we used it more on very rough terrain.
  • Bulky

4. Chicco Activ3 Jogging Stroller

Chicco Activ3 jogging stroller is placed last on the list because it has just a few reviewers. It has only 9 verified buyers review on Amazon as the time of writing this review. The reviews showed that it is another reliable and quality jogging stroller from Chicco. It is an all terrain Chicco jogging stroller because of its high maneuverability score. Its functionality is exceptional because you can adjust the Flexcore suspension with a simple toe tap. The lightweight and sporty aluminum frame fold down with one hand into a standing fold for the garage or a flat fold for the car trunk. Additionally, quick release wheels offer maximum space saving. With no-maintenance never-flat tire technology, the performance tires will never need to be pumped up!


Buyers’ Like:

  • Chicco Activ3 Jogging Stroller accepts all Chicco Key Fit and KeyFit30 infant car seats with an integrated removable arm bar
  • Compact one hand standing fold, flat trunk fold, and quick release wheels for maximum space saving
  • Control the swivel lock, park brake, and fold release all from the adjustable handlebar
  • Large extendable weatherproof canopy and multi-position reclining seat offer maximum child comfort
  • Adjustable Flex Core suspension allows you to choose between a soft ride for bumpy strolling or a more firm ride for jogging

Buyers’ Dislike:

  • So far, there is no serious complaint about this model of Chicco jogging stroller. Just one reviewer claimed that it is bulky and occupy much space in his house.

Final Recommendation

All the Chicco jogging strollers found here were handpicked by verified Amazon buyers. Chicco as a brand has maintained a long-standing reputation in making high quality and reliable strollers. Little wonder the demand for it is on the increase by the day. In addition, the products are pocket-friendly with a high rating of maneuverability, functionality, ease of use and durability. Therefore, without any prejudice, I strongly encourage you to use one of these Chicco jogging strollers because they have been generally accepted by thousands of parents around the United State of America.

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