Best Activity Tracker For Kids [2020]

Detailed research and study reveal that YAMAY fitness tracker is the best activity tracker for kids today. Parents have derived much pleasure in the performance of this best fitness tracker for teenagers and kids, which is why they rated it so high.

best activity tracker for kids

YAMAY fitness tracker may not be a name to reckon with, but its performance has made it the highest rated fitness tracker among the best on the market.

As at the time putting up this review, YAMAY fitness tracker for kids has over 190 reviews online and has a high rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 stars.

In fact, over 84% of this number gave it all by rating it 5 stars, which is a great sign of value for money.

A feature that made this fitness tracker for kids exceptional is its accuracy in recording activities. It has up to 14 sport modes that you can easily set to track.  You can find every detail of this best activity tracker for kids below.

Other activity trackers for kids that made our list are:

  • Leapfrog Leapband Activity Tracker
  • Vtech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2
  • LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR
  • TRENDY PRO Kids Fitness Tracker
  • BingoFit 905HR Fitness Tracker
  • Garmin vivofit Jr 2, Kids Fitness Tracker

Let’s look deep into the features of these fitness trackers for kids that made them the best.

Best Activity Tracker For Kids

1.  YAMAY Fitness Tracker

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YAMAY fitness tracker is a perfect health partner for women and kids. It is beautifully designed with high-level performance.

You can easily monitor every activity in your kid(s) life such as monitoring the heart rate, monitoring and analyzing sleep quality, the daily distance covered and the corresponding calories burned, and many more.

This is a complete waterproof fitness watch, which means your kids can wear it when swimming or diving.

You can check calls, SMS, and SNS using this YAMAY fitness tracker. This means you can still have your connections on social media while working out.

When fully charged, this activity tracker for kids can last up to 7 days, which means it has long-lasting battery life.

YAMAY fitness tracker is one of the trackers you can buy with full confidence because you have right for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. Also, you have a 12-month warranty, which means you are free to contact the customer care for any problem.

As at the time of writing this review, online report shows that over 200 parents are happy with the performance and accuracy of this tracker. That is why they rated is very high as a 4.3 stars tracker.

In fact, 85% of this number gave it all by rating it 5 star, which is one of the reasons it tops our list of best activity tracker for kids.

2.  LeapFrog Leapband Activity Tracker

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Leapfrog Leapband activity tracker is specifically designed for kids between the ages of 4 and 7. It is packed with a lot of fun, challenges, and games that will always keep kids very active.

With up to 50 built-in challenges, kids will always want to work hard to unlock challenges they love more. Kids are rewarded for every task performed. Also, it is ideal for kids that love pets.

In fact, it comes with 8 virtual pet out of which kids can pick from, name and color to their taste.

Kids and parents equally love the free game APP that comes with LeapFrog Leapband activity tracker for kids. With the game App, kids can play a game, win rewards and learn healthy tips.

As at the time of doing this online research, Leapfrog leapband is highly rated by over 700 users. It is a 4.0 star rated fitness tracker for kids. In fact, over 70% of parents gave it all by rating it 5 stars.

Unedited testimonies found online show that kids are very much in love with this device. It is interactive thereby making them act according to instructions from the tracker.

Mrs. Mallory Meaux has this to say “I love the control I have over the device as a mother. I can set it to a quiet mode for school and bedtime. In addition, my 4 years son can tell me what the time is because the watch component displays time in analog and digital. It is a perfect companion for my son”.

3.  Vtech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2

best activity tracker for kids

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Reactions from kids after getting Vtech Kidizoom Smartwatch shows that they really love the camera section.  It comes with two cameras which allow kids to snap and create videos that they can customize and make it the screen paper.

This best activity tracker for kids does not only help regulate their health activities, it equally serves as an educational tool. Because it helps kids learn to say time, and it has 55 digital and analog clock face that kids can customize.

You can easily connect Vtech KidiZoom to your computer using an included micro USB cable to charge the battery, upload images, and videos. Also, you can download additional clock faces, games and more from the internet to this kid’s tracker.

With a high rating of 4.2 stars by over 700 parents, it really shows that this activity tracker for kids is worth buying.

Unedited testimonies from parents found online reveals that Vtech Kidizoom is one of the simplest fitness trackers for kids on the market.  It takes nothing for the kids to understand exactly how to operate it.

To get it right from the beginning, make sure you charge it overnight before handing it over to kids. It is built to last and it comes with a one-year limited warranty from the day of purchase.

4.  LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR

Fitness tracker for kids

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LETSCOM fitness tracker is a utility or versatile health partner because men, women, and kids can easily use it for activity tracking.  It automatically and accurately monitors heart rate, count steps, calories burnt, and track sleep duration.

In fact, this best activity tracker provides comprehensive sleep analysis, which will help your kids improve on their sleeping habits. It comes with multi-sports mode and can be connected to GPS on your cell phone to track their activities in your absence.

This activity tracker for kids has very long battery life. A fully charged battery can take up to 7 days before it drains. In addition, the battery is easily charged because it has a built-in USB plug without the need for a cable.

It is IP67 water resistant; you can wear it in rain or during washing hand. But you don’t need to use it when swimming, showering or diving.

It is a multipurpose fitness tracker because you can equally use it in receiving incoming calls. Also, you can read incoming SMS and SNS alert through the screen of this best activity tracker for kids.

As at the time of reviewing this fitness tracker, it has over 4000 reviewers online. It has an average rating of 3.9 stars, which shows how reliable it could be.

Above all, it is Amazon’s best choice because it is highly rated, well-priced and available to ship immediately.

5.  Trendy PRO Fitness Tracker For Kids

Best activity tracker for kids

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Packed with fun and reward for every good job done, kids find this fitness tracker exciting. It records kids real-time activities and even stores them for references.

With the storage feature, you can easily give your kids‘ activity assignment, which you will check their compliance at your leisure.

Trendy Pro Fitness tracker for kids also track their sleep such as how long and how deep they sleep. Also, you can read the deep and sleep duration from the App

The anti –lost or anti-theft mechanism enables the tracker alerts you once you are 5 meters away from your phone or tablet. The tracker triggers an audio alert on your phone if you are searching for it.

Trendy Pro made our list of best activity trackers for kids because it is durable, reliable and highly rated. As at the time of writing this review, an online report reveals that there are 900 parents that rated it.

In fact, the online user rating is 4.0 stars out of 5 stars. This high rating is a good sign of reliability and value for money. So, you can’t go wrong if you decide to go for this fitness tracker for your kids

6.  BingoFit 905 HR Fitness Tracker

kids fitness tracker

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If our judgment of picking the best activity tracker for kids is based only on customer reviews and rating, then Bingofit would have topped the list. As at the time of writing this review, this fitness tracker for kids has a very high rating of 4.8 stars from 32 parents.

It is an excellent piece that records kids’ daily activities such as the number of steps taken, calories burnt, distance traveled, and many more.

Also, it goes to perfect work at night by monitoring kids sleep quality, and wake time. In fact, BingoFit analyses everything about kids sleeps behavior for better understanding by parents.

It is very compactable with Smartphone, which means you can connect it with your smartphone to perform functions such as serving as smart call and message reminder.

For an adult, the vibration feature of the bracelet ensures you never miss a call or message even if your phone is muted.

It is very reliable that is why it comes with 30-day money back guaranty and 12-month warranty. This means that if for any reasons you are not pleased with this best activity tracker for kids then you will get a full refund.

Above all,  it very affordable and available for instant shipping.

7.  Garmin Vivofit Jr Kids Activity Tracker

best activity tracker for kids

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Like every other kids’ fitness tracker listed above, Garman Vivofit Jr posses the qualities that made it one of the best. Garman is a name to reckon with; therefore this kids’ fitness tracker is built to last.

Apart from keeping the kids fit with this tracker, it is designed to develop their adventurous mind. Kids are allowed to explore the magical kingdom alongside Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Mulan, and Rapunzel when they reach their daily 60-minute challenge.

This best fitness tracker for kids comes with a mobile App that serves as a parental personal assistant. Parents can use it to manage the tracker. View the kids’ activities, responsibilities, sleep chore data and many more.

You will enjoy the 1-year battery life, therefore no need for charging or complain about the battery running down. The whole idea behind this best activity tracker for kids is to keep fit and develop a mind of always wanting to know more.

Your kids will unlock all the stories in the Disney princess world when they complete a set of challenges.

As at the time of writing this fitness tracker for kid reviews, Garmin Vivotfit Jr has over 500 customer reviews online. It is highly rated as a 3.6-star tracker, and it is Amazon’s best choice.

It is very affordable and built to last that is why it comes with one-year consumer warranty.

Best Activity Trackers For Kids – Wrap Up

Without any doubt, these set of fitness trackers for kids listed above are the best on the market. They are all highly rated by parents like you that have used them over time. None of them is 100% perfect but they all met the basic requirement for a reliable tracker for kids.

They are built to keep kids motivated that is why they have games and other adventurous activities to unlock at every stage. They are the perfect health partner for your kids.

For those of you that are new to a fitness tracker, we will be glad to tell you more about the reason kids need activity tracker and things to look out for before buying a fitness tracker for kids.

Benefits of Physical Activities for Kids

Before now kids have no special physical activity to do other than to go to school, do their homework and play. Their playtime is termed as an exercise period, which keeps them healthy and alerts all the time.

In fact, in some cases, when a child becomes less active during playtime, parents see it as a sign of ill health. But today, the case is different.

Kids spend more time on their laptops, games, and television. That makes them less active and prone to some life-threatening disease that was rare in the past such as childhood obesity, diabetes and many more.

Too much screen time has been linked to poor posture, a tendency towards violence, behavioral issues, sleep irregularities, neck and back pain, loss of social skills, and vision problems. Even just a few days without screen time can improve a kid’s social development.

To curb the high rate of the danger that awaits kids, parents need to introduce them to special physical activities that will keep them physically, mentally and emotionally sound.

The fact remains that kids of these days need the motivation to get engaged in any other thing other than the screen, computer and video games they are used to.

To get them motivated, you need to provide them with a companion that will make them act accordingly. That is where the issues of best activity tracker for kids come into play.

The activity trackers are made such that kids will have interactive experiences and they get rewarded for any task accomplished.

Obviously getting your kids into the habit of physical activities will not only help them today but will help them all the days of their life.

5 Things to Consider When Buying Activity Tracker For Kids


This is the first thing to consider when buying an activity tracker for your kid(s) because kids don’t much care as adults. You should take note of the strength of the material and its relationship with water.

In fact, you should always go for a fitness tracker for kids that is waterproof because kids can easily jump into the pool without pulling it off.

Battery Life

Activity trackers with longer battery life are ideal for kids. Kids cannot be able to maintain trackers that require daily battery charging. Therefore, you should always consider going for kids’ fitness tracker that the battery life can last a minimum of 5 days.


Kids are naturally adventurous. Therefore going for an activity tracker that comes with challenging and motivational games will push them to carry out any task given to them effectively.

Ease of Use

This feature allows kids to customize the device to their taste. In fact, you can identify the personality of your kids by observing how they customize and interact with their activity tracker. Some trackers come with a camera and video recorder, which your kids can use to snap and record video.

Above all, they can customize the images or pictures to suit their taste on the screen of the fitness tracker.


You may consider going for an activity tracker for kids that has a built-in GPS device. That will help you monitor their position after school. Though this is only essential if you are always far away from your kids. Or if you can’t be with them when they carry out their physical activities.

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